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Welcome to the GMC football podcast. Last time talked about the Patriots in their moult to the players have been opting out basically what it means for their seasons. I think that they're going to go about moving forward and overall who I think should be winning that division, but nonetheless. Let's get into some Patrick mahomes and the NFL top one hundred in general. So as I stated, the my last podcast in the NFL hundred is a list that comes out every single year. It's voted on by the players and essentially they have players come in I. Don't know if it's every player in the NFL, but they get multiple players to come in and they vote on their top twenty NFL players and I think how they do it is they they take then the number that they. They were put that. You basically just start adding them all up, and I'm assuming it's whoever has the lowest number is the number. One player in the League in ever has the highest number. Obviously, you're gonNA keep going up and up and up until you get to the one hundred SPA and at that point, they cut it off. Sometimes, they show you who just went, who was just of the top one hundreds of the show, you like one, hundred and one through one, hundred and ten. And it's. It's always interesting to see what players almost made the. There were a few players in it that I thought of. We're going to be in the top one hundred, but were I think Matt Matthew? Japan is one guy I thought he'd be in the top one hundred. He wasn't Rodney. Hudson. WHO's the center, the raiders? Who was a guy that I said this on my most underrated. Underrated players in the league list, he was in like maybe one, hundred, seven, hundred, six something like that. He had just he just missed the list. So it's always interesting to see, but I was waiting for the top ten I waited I didn't watch it before I, did my last podcast I wanted to wait and I wanted to do a whole reaction to it right now. So. The final ten people, the final ten players in the top one hundred goes as follows starting from ten down to number one. Derrick. Henry. Stefan. Gilmore de'andre. Hopkins. George cadle Christian McCaffrey. Michael Thomas. Patrick Mahomes. That's funny. Aaron Donald, Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson now. Patrick Mahomes. Being the fourth best player in the League. For the second straight. season, he was voted as the fourth best player in league. That is ridiculous. That is absolutely ridiculous. Now, let me go ahead and A. Before I. Make any more comments. Let me go out and say this the confusing thing about this list. The hard thing when it comes to talking about this list is what the list is supposed to be based off of is the performance of players in the previous season. The issue is that there are players who one season were ranked. So high on the list that then the next season, let's just say they played like one game and they missed the rest of the season. They could still end up making the list purely because the they're so respected in the league that the players simply can't not put them on the list even if they didn't play. So there is a reputation factor to it. They don't just vote off the previous season. They do sometimes know case keenum has the special season with the Vikings, he made it onto the list one year, he never been back on it. He's been on at one time. It was at one season. He's never been back on and again he voted fifty one or fifty that year Baker Mayfield his rookie year made it on the list, didn't make it this year. You look at like Tim Tebow, he made it onto the list. One time never made it on again. So you do have those players who are judged based off of their one season, but then you have other players who are judged based on their whole career, how excellent they've been, and even if they're last season wasn't really that great, they still make it onto the list. There's those who think that JJ, Washington on the list this year, there's those it's Jason the ban on the list this year, there's those who say Josh Allen should not have been on the list at all until he learns how the complete sixty percent of his passes. Those we've Labonte David should have been higher. Davante Adams should have been higher. Keenan. Allen should have been higher, some players that have been lower. It just all depends. It's all subjective. So that's the difficult thing about breaking down. This list is because what it's supposed to be about isn't all what did this isn't how the players specifically vote. They do tie in different factors. But I look at this list. And I guess if I have to take everything into account. mahomes still should not have been four. He still should have been either one or two. and. I, don't think there's any any dispute I don't WanNa give away too much because I'm going to give you guys my in my next segment and they give you guys how I would actually rearrange these players in what I would do there But for him to be ranked number four I think is absurd. It doesn't make any sense to me in his first season as a starter. He threw five thousand yards and fifty touchdowns won the MVP almost went to the super bowl. If it wasn't for D Ford getting off sides, it was a game ending pick by Brady in offsides completely canceled it. Right mahomes. Almost, he should've probably the two straight see were bowls probably one both of them if the rams showed up the way that they did against the Patriots against the chiefs, I have no doubt in my mind that chief won

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