Student Loan Debt Making It Difficult To Subscribe To The Topical

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A study published today by the Public Radio Center. For Education, statistics found that student loan debt is making it even more difficult for millennials to enjoy basic amenities like subscribing to the. Patriot on despite the extremely low price membership tiers for more on this worsening financial situation we're joined now by Opie our executive editor Rachel. Lynn, thank you for joining US Pleasure Leslie Rachel of people can't afford a basic necessities. Like. This crisis is really gotten out of control that's right. Leslie according to the study you mentioned delinquency on student loans have doubled since twenty twelve with over thirty percent of young professionals reporting they are struggling to afford are extremely generously price tier options that started just five dollars a month and offer even more of the signature blend of news and analysis that listeners have come to expect from onion public radio. Real travesty.

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