The Best B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategies


Welcome to another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric Su, and I'm meal and today we're GonNa talk about the best be to be linked in marketing strategy. So we're going to be talking about paid. We're going to be talking about organic as well. We're going to be talking about all the things you can do to grow on linked in. So go ahead the the first thing to is if you want organic and attended traffic start hosting carousels, carousels do extremely well where people can just keep clicking next next next next I believe yet to. Upload them into as a documentary on that PDF format do extremely well ton of us a lot of engagement lot of comments at help build appropriate that way when you want to get more customers, you'll more visibility. Yeah. One thing you can do just find a group of five friends that you're actually close what started group chat and when you post something posted in there and then people can go in and they can engage they can like and they can comment the initial bump that you get in the first hour or so that helps a. Lot. So usually I'll try to hit up when I actually do this try to hit five to ten people or so at boom that's night and day difference because what Lincoln's looking for is post like engagement. So they're gonNA show it more in the feet and I seen people amazing things with that without also says if you're posting something organically put the link in the first comet, don't put the link inside of the post because they don't like coming off the platform. So you know it gets a little dean on that. So put in the. Comment instead it with some engage initially link put in the comment and that will help you the other thing that you should have with Lincoln. The I found super effective with B2B is the I. Don't know if they still have this option of the last time I checked you can do the Lincoln auto fill. So when you're driving traffic from Lincoln, especially pay traffic some goes to your website. They can click a button to fill all their lead information. So they don't demand type it in that help conversions as well from what I tested. They still have that, and then the other thing too is this. This is kind of Ninja. If you post something does really well and you have a lot of people that are liking it that are a lot of them are second degree or third degree connections but let's this click flow write the software. So let's say we're trying to reach a lot of agency owners. Well, what what you can do is you can assign this to virtual assistant and then they will go through all the. And the look for whoever's qualified and the reach out to those people and say, Hey, because you know that they know you you reach out to them and say, Hey, you know who handles marketing on your team or who handles agencies under or whatever. Right whatever it is your product or service is because they've had that one touch point with already they're going to be more receptive to reach out. So you WanNa make sure you get that process down first and then handed off. To virtual system, though thing, you just group for your region and makeup like the North American group for Cmo's right and then you just invite all the CMO's and stuff like that. That's assuming you're targeting them. But you do that for sales executives whatever your target audiences and people not working in there. You believe relationship as a group owner you will also find his can generate you a lot of business overtime as well. The you gotTa have an energy and make the group. I would even go even more than that. I think if you're like a local local CMO group or in your area like you can control that area, you can be the main center of attention there or you can go North America I would try both the other thing is linked in has a feature. So you can make events and we tried this for this podcast is just we have so many other things to do. But when we did make this podcast, it's like making a Webinar and. You can invite all these other contacts to it. If you can just sign it to market measure on your team that would be great and meal you have anything else last but not lease start running Lincoln ads they're expensive but they work that's not really a tip that just something that's proven some of our best seeds come from. Lincoln. University manual outreach to either one works just considered running Lincoln ads. If you already haven't started, it's probably more expensive than traditional paper, but it's super more targeted qualify. If you know you're LTV, your lifetime value of a customer you know your numbers that can actually make it really easy. So you gotTa know your numbers first before you start running ads like this, and then is going to give you the confidence to allow you to scale.

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