Navigating the NICU with Nurse Tori

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Nurse Tori Welcome to the woman. I'm so happy to finally have you on here. Oh my gosh. Danny, thank you so much for having me I. I'm thrilled I'm excited. When I message like I've been missing the nick you can. We discussed and having Nikki episode, and of course, you were like Hell Yeah let's do it. Please I love it. I'm so excited reminisce about Nikki life plus it's Nikki awareness month which I didn't know of and I feel very ashamed of myself made twelve years and the. Only. Thing it's not you know I think it was established. Let's say I don't know couple of years ago. For making. Thank you. Know it's become a thing love so Well, that's amazing because I know we had like a Nikki nurse day right around there like okay. Hers also, November, which is like free maturity awareness month. So we're kind of all over the place just establishing Mon- says everything CAPEX. Nikki. Nurse. Day there's also I wanNA see. There's like now they're kind of breaking down day in. September. For the end of the month like twenty, seven, Twenty, eight, twenty, nine all are dedicated to different aspects of the nick you so. Love that. Yeah, it's pretty neat. It's special. So this is actually really cool. It's a cool month for late I would say the nurses, the doctors, the RT's, and then also courts the families and. The pass babies or pass patients than accused of reminisce and yeah. So like every year mild hospital would have a day where all the parents could come who had lost a child in the nick you and then they have like like. Not like a religious but like kind of like a reunion like A. Goodwill prayer you know type thing and you know some of the nurses could go down and like the families could go and like reunite with them. Does your hospital do anything like that? Yes. Oh, a couple of different hassles I worked have done things like that. I would say the most consistent thing I've seen that most hostels do and participate in is the march of dimes. Yes. Where you can do that some hustles will have separate time to do a reunion but the is a pretty condescending where you know we could raise funds or a walk and kind of I would say the one big time that we do our hustle also does do. It's a walk in the park and dots because we're near. Disneyland. Rona we were able to do it where. And nurses and doctors who ever wanted to go could go do walk in the park together and it sort of like a day to remember everything and should be together and so that's actually a pretty cool things well so. That's so lovely. Yeah, it's really special. I. Mean. Especially when you are, you know working with these families as you know for up to in the nick you up to a year really or more. Yeah. Exactly be restocked relationships you know yeah, and I feel like. That's kind of one of the things that really sets and Nick you apart from working in other areas of the hospital. Yeah I would agree even having some more recently I was working as a critical care. Nurse so I was working. Hickey NICU'S TV ICU arcologies. And it was a really interesting interesting thing to see the differences in the dynamics of the unit. So for example. I would say sort of. A, little bit more like that. Fast. Like you're you're out they you know primarily drink surgeries console. It's very fast paced. It's different or traumas and things like that. Is Nick you you know we really do have not long-term relationship. I would say similarly oftentimes on college, we'll have kind of relationship with their patients while actually. So that's true. That's true.

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