Emmys 2020: Who won big at the first virtual ceremony


Emmy's happened last night. The last couple days I want to say like through last week, there was some of the you know, technical Emmys and Creative arts Emmys and they've all been I've been seeing like the results of those, but these were the actual Actors and actresses and shows and You know the hole, but it was It was virtual, right? Yes. So every I think that they They actually put a show together to do the Emmys. Um But the other ones that I think we're just getting. I'm sure there was some kind of ceremony on zoom or something. But I don't know that those ones were televised. They might have been. No, I mean, look, I didn't I Maybe you mentioned it. Maybe I read. Maybe I didn't. It was a shock to me at whatever time nine o'clock last night when I started seeing the news roll through, and I was like Emmys. You talked about it a little remember? It was, you know, because Jimmy Kimmel was hosting and so there was some talk, but I play police. Li forgot about it and the whole thing so I didn't see one second of it. Oh, yeah, no. And, frankly, these days because of you, Khun DVR things I'd never sit and watch things in real time anyway, so Because who wants us in just to put the others on When I organize S O. The big winner last night is Schmidt's Creek. It's not the name of the show, but right The clothes. They were saying it on TV because I did see a clip after that. They were saying the word, but I don't want you don't want no trouble with you. Just don't I considered it. You know, it spells have pointed out that every time they say it, they had to put the actual words upon these people can read it with. Oh, right. You see, It's not what you think There's an extra tea and they've thrown at sea in there, okay? So I'm just gonna say Schmidt's creek because I'm with you. You know, whatever. I just guess Monday's gonna be hard enough, right? Yeah. What's our theme? We don't want to. We don't want no trouble. That's right. I keep forgetting the better. That's our theme. Well, since I should write that down here, put it up with all my little, you know, daily affirmations. So the Emmys was virtual And Schmidt's Creek swept in all this is it's actually quite amazing because it has never won an Emmy in any other season. Currently they're grand total of Emmy's up till this season when they took him all zero. It doesn't It seems to be a show that we used to have a million of them. And not that, you know. Ahh, that name in particular is obviously means that's a cable show, right? I mean, it's just It's not your Big four or whatever. But it's just a sitcom, and it's fun and it's and it's not that You could miss it, and you wouldn't care. But you could also sit down and watch four episodes on any given night and be like, Wow, that was light. It was easy is their thread that you follow along with? Yes, it's the family that has moved. Uh, I won't tell you the whole story. But yes, there's a story behind Why they're in this motel and Right off super rich. It's only that I find a just a life. Oh, poor things. Is that a Netflix show? It doesn't even say here. Oh, yeah, It's a Netflix. Yeah. So they won nine Emmys for their sixth and final season, including best comedy Siri's. It's a new record for most wins in a single season for a single comedy. Marvellous. Mrs. Mazel had had the record. They said it in 2018 with eight and then they got eight more in 2019. And I don't know if this means that Mrs Mazel was just completely shut out. Oh, end because all the comedy awards seemed to have gone to Schmidt's Creek. The cast swept the acting categories, and that's the first time a comedy Siri's has done that Eugene Levy and Catharine O'Hara won best actor and actress and Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy, one supporting actor and actress. And they're saying here that's never happened. So congratulations to them. Daniel Levy also set a record for most wins for an individual in a seat in a single season with four because he also got trophies for writing and directing and Best comedy Siri's because he's a producer. So he actually technically that four Just for himself personally. Zero m. He's heading into the night. They never had any kind of incredible. But I guess you know, with my cell dominating in the last couple of seasons would be hard for anyone to rack up any numbers. They also set a record last night at the Emmys for most wins by black actors, including Regina King and Yaya Abdul Mateen. Ah, The second for watchman. Ouzo Duba for Mrs America. And Zendaya for euphoria. She's also the youngest Emmy winner in this category. Outstanding lead actress for drama. Stop me. If you have pulled any audio for any of these things in particular, I pulled some furs and die a winning it Isa from Oakland, apparently which is why we wanted to make sure we've got her on. So here she is reacting. Yeah, it is her reacting and she says a couple of things, but just there's there's a party behind her. So I know that I just want to say thank you to the TV academy to all the other incredible women in this category. I I admire you all so much. This is, um Oh, this is pretty crazy. Didn't really crying, Okay? I know this feels like a really weird time to be celebrating. But I just want to see that there is hope in the young people out there. I know that our TV show doesn't always feel like a great example of that. But there is hope in the other people, and I just want to say to all my peers out there doing the work in the streets. I see you. I'm are you I Thank you. And yeah, thank you so, so much. Um, this is thank you. And, of course, is through zoom. So right. Well, everyone was zooming in S O. She's the youngest any award winner for outstanding lead Actress for drama. So congratulations, Twos and Dia. And I guess I assumed that that party was happening in Oakland flatter know about that, But I do know she's she's pretty accomplished for such a young lady heard she's stars in Great America, the greatest showman Ohio. I want to say the great American hero. I don't know what she's in the great American. Ah, SOS and Dia. Congratulations to her. Eddie Murphy and Maya Rudolph one for Saturday Night Live, I guess for guest appearances and Ron Cephas Jones for this is us Eso Black actors Big night of record for most wins by black actors at the Emmys last night. The ceremony itself was obviously very different. Jimmy Kimmel hosted in an empty arena. Tried to fool us with crowd reactions from past ceremonies. Was anyone some of that? Yeah, sure. I'll watch a little of that. Oh watchmen. Also what Jerry Falwell Jr was into Flashing people appreciating and there's a flash of him in the audience. Then how much hilarious here that would mean that no one is in the audience. That would mean that I'm a lump here all alone. You'll see them. They turn the lights up. Just of course I'm here all alone. Of course. We don't have an audience. This isn't a mag a rally. It's the Emmys. Instead of a live audience. We took a page from baseball tonight and we filled the seats with cardboard cutouts of the nominees. You can see we have. Regina King, Hugh Jackman, Jason Bateman. Wait a minute. Go back one. Jason Patient, He's really hilarious. Yes, they did move. Mind your business Camel Big night for May. I know it's a big night but you can't be in here. We have very strict safety protocols. I'm clean guy. OK, I'm a big big washer upper always have been smell my hands like a garden. No, thank you. I'm sure you're clean. That's not the point. We just have a limit on how many people we can have in the building. So you really need to go? No, I don't. I don't. Okay. I haven't left the house for six months. Don't send me back there. I want to be here. This isn't a ritzy You know, I mean, I wantto eat shrimp with the cast of the crown. All right, I'm gonna want Mario Lopez asked me about my pants. Let's go. We don't have any friends that you could stay as long as you promise to laugh at my jokes. I'm out. I'm gonna call the car Loved Jason Bateman. Job. Good job s O. He reveals he's alone Except for Jason Bateman. Jimmy Kimmel. Continue with the show and some presenters did join him live. Jennifer Aniston was there. Did you grab that? I did here. Let me just pull that up. On the video. I said. I said, thanks, Jimmy. Other all across the stage from each other, Never, Never mind. It? Yes, I'd love some wine. No, I I said, Never mind. Oh, why are you standing all so far away from me, Dr Fauci said 60 ft. So 60 ft. No, isn't he said 6 Ft. Thank you. You also have sexy feet. Okay? Here, and that's it. Hilarious by the way. She then got in her extremely fast car lives right around the corner from there, and ah, she she made another appearance from her house later. So right? Yeah, but we're here. Oh, okay heads and there's Courtney Cox, Courtney's there. Of course I'm here. We live together. You do know there's a lag. Yeah, We've been roommates since 1994. But I don't know is it is this live TV? Both of you very well done. It's super cute. But the awkward, you know, three seconds of science, retired ruins everything before it does. We're very well acquainted with the awkward three seconds of silence, ruining everything. That is the life we're living right now. Anyway. Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox and Lisa could row whether she just jetted home after 60 ft. Away appearance on the show the awards, though, as they handed these out So I'm not sure how exactly this happened. If only the people who were actually getting the awards had people in has Matt suits outside their homes. No, it seems that Ah, they had everybody on standby like you'd have somebody in front of your house and has been with the award, but you might not win. So that way, everybody still kind of Were they holding? Just like a box. So you didn't know if there was any in it or not. Or that there were things that they were popping out of boxes, too. And that no one boxes that seemed really mean That was a really when I think, John Oliver, go when I have that mean here and you just pulled it up for you, too. Barrett. It pops open and there is it Pops open and and some confetti sprays out. Although that is right on the desk of his HBO set. Although I assume that that desk is in his garage, no, right. Cause that's where he's doing it from. So anyway. Nominees were all it remote locations, many in their own homes. Ah, they were doing the awards were delivered to those locations by people in has Matt suits, and they say someone had to be on hand for every so there was a guy hanging out in Has Matt suit whether you won or not, Some people actually took a visit. Do you have the Remmy use of dew? So this guy did not win in his category. Vinny and Ah, and there's the guy who has He's he's holding the little trophy. He's got the ones walking away having Oh, my God by you didn't win. All that's so sad, right? Well in some categories, all the nominees were given a box and then the winners boxwood Spring open and a hand holding the statue would pop out some They? Obviously a lot of people had to know that they did or didn't when I had a time. Other highlights her H e r her belt it out. Nothing compares to you. During the Emmys in Memoriam segment. Here's a little Since you've been gone ever. I can see whoever dinner in a fancy restaurant. Nothing can take away these blues. Come So she's playing piano, too. Way link that up with the Facebook page that people can see that isolated. Thank you. Ah, David Letterman got kicked out of an uber before presenting an award. I'm sure that wasn't set up. Celebrities revealed what they've been doing during the pandemic. Stop me if you have any of this stuff, Bernie Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington tried to skip 2020 skip to 2021 by ring in the New Year's Belle and her here. I watch Dave Letterman thing doesn't translate actually, wasn't it was? I don't know. It's the The New Year's party just wasn't I don't know It was well, you know, New Year's party with only two people is just not Doesn't feel New Year's Eve. They're saying The emotional highlight of the night was Tyler Perry's speech while accepting the governor's award. Um and then let me see if there's anything else here that I want to make sure that you I just have you have any questions about any categories Have all the categories here, I should, say Dave Chappelle, one for sticks and stones, best pre recorded variety special. Um, yeah, I don't have any questions, but I do. Look without trying to sound like I'm patting ourselves on the back because I'm not trying to do that. I give credit to anybody who's trying to do a show right now. Absolutely. It's a pain in the butt, and you'll see why they could absolutely see why they went through with it. But I could also see if they said not this year, everyone where does it go ahead? Mail you your prize and Here's the announcement work and that and the example the best example of it is that three The five second lag between the friends and less like Jesus. What is that? That's that's live. That's national TV. That's international TV right now. Well, that's you know, that's the world. We're living in pin, right? Everything sucks. The best variety sketch. Siri's went to Saturday night live and actually have a little bit of news about that. The full cast from last year is coming back this year. Usually there are at least some changes, and there were rumors that Kay McKinnon was going to leave. And she's got a career outside of this, but season 46 is starting October 3rd. And it's coming back to Rockefeller Center studio for the first time since the shutdown. They are going toe put all kinds of safety protocols in place, but it looks like we're going to get actual I'm sure will be no audience. But it will be live apparently, and that will happen there at their normal studio. So they say. The last time there was no caste turnover between seasons was 07 when the 33rd season began with the ensemble intact, So everybody who you liked last year and everybody who didn't like last year We'll be back. That season 46 in playing Joe Biden. On Saturday night Live will be Jim Carrey. Oh, wow, really adding a big name to play one of the candidates. Ah, it looks like You know, they're saying it's gonna happen Ah for the for the debut, but they're basically safe in the 46 season, which debuts October 3rd. I I I'm guessing that he's sort of signed on to participate this whole season. There's going to be a lot of Biden this season. So maybe they said we, you know, and we'll pay you and we'll put you up and you could be alone. Fancy shmancy penthouse in New York City. So they are adding three new featured players to their cast. They'll have a limited studio audience for the coming season, but it's going to it's going to happen. And Jim Carey is I'm looking at a side by side of the two of them with a little make up, I think Kind of like, I think his teeth are going to work. I think it's going to work October. 3rd is when the new season starts, and we'll get to see how Jim Carey does plan Joe Biden's I Love So It doesn't matter to me before you a break, sir. Do you want to hear Because the texture of accident about hers performance saying that you check out her guitar riff in the end? Oh, she jumped up from the piano and gets on the guitar playing the cameras. He had a guitar strapped to the back of her so Oh, Here we go. This's the show Chad with the, uh that was beautiful. I really like her. Yeah, That'll be a pithy ceremony. Facebook page. She played guitar when she came in and saying for us, right? She did. Yes, she was. That was that was lovely. Only her Her is her

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