Houston Is Now Home to a Drive-Thru Strip Club


Meantime. In Texas. There's a drive through strip club. That is opening. That's right. Of course, this story is not opening for me now, Albert, The strip club is open but the but the story's not opening. Yeah, they could drive through. Apparently you get your hamburger, you know, And then you drive there. The stress of most people are there for a hamburger, right? Some ladies on either side and you can Google them got Google them ogle them. As a cz you cruise on through? I don't know what you're doing in your car is you're ogling them. Well, you're just reciting that some kind of scripture. Probably, you know, I mean, that's where woman man, right camera? Yes. You're doing that TV. Yeah. Throw your money out the window. You toss your dollar bills out there. Black metal barricades separate the dancers from the cars. And dollar bills litter the asphalt between the white sighting of the tent walls and glitter. That's a glitter. There is a lot of glitter. She's right. Kim when describing it as glittery is not Miss taken. The purplish blue lighting cast a familiar to club goers ambiance over the scene. There's really nothing like body parts squished against the glad your glass windshield. Is that what they do? Do they squish it right up against? I mean, so I don't know. I haven't well again. This is in Texas. And it's the first drive through strip club. Ah! While restaurants are now allowed to operate at 50% capacity bars are still shut. And strip clubs fall into that gray area between bars and restaurants. That's why they're serving the right. That's why they're serving Probably the burgers is what I'm

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