Woodbine Revised 2020 Stakes Schedule Starts Tomorrow


Colony. What's being? Was Our industry starved the week presented by Stuart. Morris Equine Forum tomorrow morning, eight to ten am eastern time serious to nineteen excellent to a one stream it live horse racing radio. Dot. Net all right up at woodbine couple of stakes, races, tomorrow, Mile, and a sixteenth greed, three trillium on the all weather up there We. Get a field of eight phillies and mass. To Go The eight and a half furlongs. This was a tough one. I thought body. There's a lot of wage going here. Yeah I'M GONNA take a little bit of stab here. I'm I'm wondering. If number one super escape can steal this race. To me. It looks like she's the only true speed in the field. Maybe number seven another time WHO's shown. Very moderate speed at times, but I think if they break evenly. Super Escape is faster. She's been sprinting. Relax too I think she's better routing than she is sprinting. In fact, she's two for two on non turf surfaces. Atta Mile and a sixteenth including one for one on the all weather at Woodbine. She's got the inside post I think she's going to get out and go and her good racers good as anyone else. She's ten to one on the morning line one. I'd be most afraid of is number. Three art of almost Herat Field Emma Jayne Wilson Mason last time out. On the turf at Woodbine and She's run well on turf, or on the all weather axes been in the money, all four starts on the all weather at Woodbine, so I would expect art of almost to be the one who's closing most at super escape. I'm an both of them, but super escape at ten to one interesting. Nice price is price even better prices being at home The Keep in mind by the way the seven another time cross entered in the royal north, so we'll see where trainer Barbara minshull decides to run her daughter of money. She's cross entered in the very next race. That will talk about a minute or so here Like you I wanted to go a little bit of a different direction here I'm GonNa take the six painting for Josie Carroll. Who stretching out of for the first time old for races have been sprints. She's closed nicely. And all those Frenchies by distorted humor out of an AP in the mayor can't imagine a stretch out. It's GonNa hurt her 'cause probably bring her into the race a little earlier as well I I I thought she was a little interesting in he I. Don't know why she hasn't been lot that bugs me. All know why she hasn't been long yet in her career, but I will I'll try and get painting turns Josie. Carroll trains dollar store. Store, Jim, the six painting from me in the trillium race number nine grade to royal north six furlongs. On the turf, the outer EP Taylor Turf Course. Again. We'll see what another time does she to one in the trillium? She's five one of the morning line in this royal north we had a field of nine depending on graduates. And I leaned a number five sister peacock once again thought she might be the speed of the speed. She's got a win. Third Place Finisher tour credit in two tries on the turf at Woodbine.

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