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Victor Hill ordered his entire internal affairs unit to start working an investigation that's been ongoing since eight o'clock Friday night. Top local news every 30 minutes and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on its second collapse in his many days of the parking deck under construction and Town Atlanta. Details from W of ESPYs Cheryl Castro Atlanta Fire Sergeant Cortez Stafford tells me workers were inside the parking deck at 5 30 West Peachtree Street, shoring up the structure from the collapse that took place Friday when one or two he beamed from near the area that collapsed and kick down in the centre of the structure. One worker happened to be on one of those upper floors and came down with the concrete. Stanford says The worker fell 5 to 7 floors. He's at Grady with serious but non life threatening injuries to his lower Body, he says workers are not being allowed back into the construction site because it's too dangerous. Cheryl Castro 95.5 WSB WFSB Stop national story. The Gulf Coast has another storm the look out for in the next few days Channel to meteorologist bread nits. As the look of these tropical storms. Sally now was formed in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico moving to the northwest. It could become a hurricane by Monday evening, threatening some parts of the north central Gulf Coast in a few days, But no local direct impacts expected 95. 0.5 WSB will keep you up today. Next week will be like an early Christmas for many of George's over 500,000 unemployed workers. State officials say they will start receiving federal aid in two payments $900 early next week. Another 900 bucks a few days later. WSB news time 30 to

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