Heading into the Election, What Would You Say About the Tough Issues of 2020?


Year ago the Colson Center launched an ambitious project that would equip Christians with answers to our cultures toughest questions, the kind of questions that tend to generate more heat than light whenever they come up the kind that many Christians tend to shy away from with this resource we hope to see Christians running into those conversations about God, Morality Truth and culture not running away from them. While the what would you say project is a reality. It's a video series with each video answering a single difficult question with answers that are trustworthy, credible, understandable, most importantly sharable among the questions we've tackled just in this past year our. Science and religion opposed to one another as critical theory biblical. When does life began? Does ripe justify abortion does the existence of intersex people proved that there are more than two genders how about this one was Jesus is socialist or does porn improve relationships to the Crusades? Prove that Christianity is a violent religion. You know all those easy questions that Christians get these videos can be found at either what would you say dot org or by going to the? What would you say channel on Youtube while they're you can hit the subscribe button and join over twenty three thousand other people who have joined are what would you say? So for these videos have been viewed over a million times now over the next twelve weeks or so with the election season in full gear, we've planned to set videos to tackle the various political and policy questions and issues that are front and center on everyone's minds. These videos will not only equip Christians for conversations about the presidential campaign and the place of faith in elections in the Public Square. But also about those issues that are central to state and local ballots, including abortion restrictions, education economics, race, and civic responsibility. For example, to videos already available address questions that many young people have about economics questions that have led this emerging generation to lean more socialist direction these videos are is. The answer and this capitalism only benefit the rich and over the next few weeks, we're going to release videos at tackled two questions having to do with the political side of abortion i. what happens when someone says I don't like abortion, but I don't think it should be illegal for everyone and according to a recent study. There's a significant number of Americans who think that abortion is wrong but are reticent to make any legal changes to its status including to even to horrific practices such as later term abortions. This is an issue on the Colorado ballot this year shamefully my state is. One of only nine that remain in which later term abortion is allowed. In fact, our states most famous late-term abortionists kills over two hundred so-called viable fetuses a year. That's why by the way we've scheduled, what would you say video on the issue of late-term abortions and early October and other series of what would you say videos? We'll tackle questions about voting. Why should Christians vote what if I don't like any of the candidates? Should I vote anyway and of course, how should we respond to that old line I'm not gonNA vote my vote won't make a difference anyway each what would You say video is short and it's sharable only about four or five minutes long. It's animated and interesting well researched solidly grounded in Scripture and based and a Christian worldview each what would you say video will leave you with three or four memorable points to help you weighed confidently into these tough conversations and to help you prepare for the craziness of the next several weeks we've created a downloadable full-color what would you say booklet based on the videos and entitled Your Guide for talking about the tough issues of two thousand twenty this resource walks you through hot button issues such as abortion. Critical theory whether Christians should avoid politics. My voting is just the beginning of our civic responsibilities. This booklets available with any donation to breakpoint in the Colson Center. Simply come to breakpoint dot org slash September at breakpoint dot org slash September. Your gift will help us continue to produce what would you say videos and quipping Christians with the answers they need for our cultures, toughest questions and whenever you give while send you the what would you say guide to talking about the tough issues in twenty

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