American League Championship Series will be a San Diego at Petco Park. In the National League


Can call a bubble. This is something major League Baseball and the Players Association. At least the Players association. They resisted playing in a bubble. They didn't want to do to four months just locked away playing baseball. They said. No, we won't do it. But that's not the case here for the postseason and rob Man Fred through the early Just early postponement of games and cancellation of games, especially dealing with the Miami Marlins, he said. We're going to go forward. Unless we have some type of huge outbreak. We're going to be playing baseball. You can count on it. We're not going to slow down. And so as a result, the whole goal was to be able to get to the playoffs. And here we are, And as a result, I break it down for you right now. When it comes down to the opening wildcard rounds. The teams With the top records. Are going to go ahead and host those best of three. Wild card games, so your division winners are going to host those wild card games. As we moved towards the division, Siri's The league Championship and the World Series. As I said, we'll all take place in a bubble. The American leads of Vision series is going to take place in San Diego and also in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium,

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