Fame is a Bitch


Politics is a bitch I recall sending out to free politics is a bit shows to one hundred, twelve of you who said Aj I want in well now you've heard the shows and I want you in my armie. So pony up the five bucks and do what needs to be done. I held up my end of the bargain hold up your end in not gonNA regret it. Let's stick with this Hollywood bowl shit. That's going on report from the Ventura County. Medical. Examiner's office shared the other day that well, the death of the Thirty Eight year-old very pretty very trouble nyah Rivera. Turns out. She had a blood alcohol concentration of zero point. One six doesn't make her drunk by any means but. Little fucked up little impaired. Maybe maybe you don't WanNa have that in your system when you're. Taking, care of your four year old on a boat in a dangerous lake. Shithead. Will call it that they're all calling their wonderful mom. But she's not. 'cause if your wife did this without you knowing it, you have a fucking problem and you'd be right. Hey, I've been texting all day where you've been. Oh, I took Son To Lake pyro oh. Would you guys do like a bunch of you know just Trail their part to radically left my license and purse on the front seat of the car. I walked very hurriedly to rent a boat while our son was like sixteen feet behind me. Then I got on the boat with three white closet, a bunch of prescription drugs in my purse. and. Took a pontoon out and then we jumped in the water and. You did what? Listen don't ever fuck and do that again without Kalemie this is what real men have to talk. But you can't because you could cancel. So. Nyah. Rivera had levels of amphetamine Caffeine Diana Pam Pam. The Pam No. Good. The PAM's put you to sleep the PAM's anti-anxiety. The PAM's are valium. The Panthers xanax Pam's our little girls who get you drowsy Chill sat sentimental assists and that's not too bad. That's just basically an amphetamine to stop you from eating and turning into a fat shit even though she has its rent tremendous body she had this fear like most actresses do they're going to be fat one day so she's taking fen fentor mean. Or there's another pill vans that they take. They take all these kind of things speed. It's speedy shit and they smoke cigarettes like she did and they vape like she did. Tonight eats to not be human. To try to make themselves these tiny skinny nothing's for Hollywood taste makers. God. How. Sad. The brainwashing. Naira Rivera was beautiful sexy girl. She didn't have to take these fucking. And a means to keep your weight down for God's sake if we fucking celebrate the the. Ashley. Grams. Of the world. and. All these other girls very thick and very heavy and act like well, they're they're beautiful Lizzo Beautiful WanNa fuck you worried when you're five, three, hundred, nine pounds. It's so sad. It's also stupid her death and it's also selfish. We found this information that has been two months and she drowned that took two months to find out the toxicology reports for that. I say, give me a break. You guys know this the fucking day you find this person don't Gimme two months. It's all bullshit. So she had a prescription for medication or purse when her belongings were found on the boat the not they're not telling you the truth she left her license and part of her purse on the front seat of the car. Don't believe when they say. The purse were found on the boat they were not. That's it's an eroneous report. I know a cop on the scene the purse was in the car and her license, which confuses me how do you rent a boat without that? How do you get a boat without showing your license I? Don't like this something's wrong. She also like I said, she had three cans of white claw. Now one CAM was empty one was around three fold the other was on open. I look doesn't mean she's drunk by any stretch of the imagination and then the medicine they found in her body from her prescriptions. What have you it's not enough to make you fucked up the Diazepam that is not something you WanNa take on open water while babysitting your four year old not good. So the story as we know, she bravely pushed his son back on the boat after they jumped off the boat and said one to three and they jump Dan. And then apparently, the four year old has now remembered untold authorities mommy yelled help as soon as she jumped in the well she I'm sorry she jumped in the water.

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