‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Los Angeles Home To Be Listed On Airbnb For 1 Night Stays


Of you want to go stay in the house that fresh Prince of Bel Air was filmed in. You can they're offering airbnb nights and there are only thirty dollars a night. They're celebrating the thirtieth anniversary. They better have the same furniture to. Oh, yeah I mean I'm pretty sure you get the full experience. Here's some of what you can expect. You can lace up with the fresh pair of Air Jordans and shoot baskets in the bedroom turntables. If you WANNA have a DJ Jazzy Jeff Discussion. You can also go through wells closet throwing a preppie outfit from Bel Air Academy, and then as a bonus, jazzy Jeff is going to virtually welcome you to the Pool Siberia although for thirty dollars at thirty dollars a night again, only to commemorate the show's thirtieth anniversary but will smith teamed up with AIRBNB for this. Okay. Now it makes sense I knew there had to be more money changing hands than thirty dollars a night. Got It. Okay, Arab. This is airbnb thing and then another cool plenty of people to stay now because people aren't using beads because covid. Another thing is that AIRBNB is making a donation to the boys and Girls Club. Of Philadelphia, and if you watch the show, you know that will came from Philadelphia what part of Philly in West Philadelphia. Raise, what else?

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