86 | True Crime | Hole in the Woods by Jennifer Graeser Dornbush with Interview!


Weirdo bookworm unite we want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror, sci fi and fantasy, but not us. So stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. Hi This is Sandra and this is Scott Look Continue Andrea. Junkies. So I was going to make a joke about how it's a very special episode of challenge and it is a very special episode of Johner Junkies. They're all special. This is essential special show full of special special people and tonight is no exception because we have another author interview, we can't yet another innocent soul. To letting US review their book and then talk to us about it very, very excited tonight's episode. Will we're going to talk about it in a few minutes. But Jennifer Agrees Dornbush the author of hole in the woods is going to join us for tonight's episode and You guys are GonNa love her you are going to adore her so Scott House things well, everything is on fire everything's on fire. We're old looks like we live on Venus or. Planet. Planet yes we can't go outside. Can't because the air I mean like we can but the air is unsafe and has been four days. Yeah. So yeah, that's how things are going. Stitches puffed up like a little Chinchilla, which is really cute. We still have Jalapeno the Caterpillar here live in with us. I think he might make it with us through the winter. At this point I think he's like you know I don't need to be a moth. I don't need to fly who needs to live this life where I got wonderful plants and people caught on me and the cat watches me out of the corner of Rye. And wants to eat me but you know there's worse things it spread into him that like everything wants to eat him. so He seems to trust you pretty well. Yes. While he's my child let's move. Let's see. I was trying to think if there's anything else super exciting and thrilling, and there is kind of something restarted watching the umbrella academy finally. My God. Thought there was something else. Okay. Okay. Let's give the umbrella academy a moment. Probably. By the time you hear our next episode, we will hopefully be caught up on seasons wanted to that's the plan. That's the plan. My mom is a huge fan of the umbrella academy. She's been harassing me since the first season came out watch this total you know how it is you guys are readers to, and we talk about this all the time. There's stuff that we like to watch, but it's just it's just hard and also is somebody that is on a movie review, show the coach show, and sometimes we review movies for Spooky Slumber party like it's really hard for us to find the time the time to like do whole seasons of shows and we love her shows, but we just it just takes a while. But right now we're just like what are movies let's watch the umbrella. That's way more important. No. I was GonNa say we have our TB are for October. Yes, we do. Go. To. Yes that's okay. Man and we'll put it on social media as well. You know, yes. October is all horror all the time and we usually throw in bonus episode in there as well. So. This this October will be no exception sell. Are you guys ready for the October? T vr it me with we are going to review three books in the month of October because otherwise we'd only be reviewing books and that's not enough not enough for horror October loopy season. No. All right. We are proud to present the genre junkies Halloween October we are. Okay. We're going to kick it off with the latest novel from our friend David Sada Grin Maggie's grave a horror novel. Okay. So this is about a small Scottish town. It says the small Scottish town of Aachen Milan way DVD didn't tell us how to pronounce this word could Milan okay. A small Scottish town and Is Dead and has been for years. It sits in the shadow of a mountain forgotten and atrophying in the perpetual gloom forty seven residents are all that remain. There's nothing to do there nothing to see except for a solitary grave near the top of the Mountain Maggie. Wall buried here as a witch reads the faded inscription but sometimes the dead don't stay buried especially when they have unfinished business a relentless Folk Hor nightmare from the author of the Forgotten Island Maggie scrape

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