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The New York Times reporting that President Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of the last 15 years. The president reacting at the White House. Say we went through the same story as you progress in the same questions for years ago, had a litigate this and talk about it, Uh, total fake news now actually paid tax butt and you'll see that assumes my tax returns. It's under order. They've been underwater for a long time. The Times also saying that was Trump a just $750 in federal income tax is the year he ran for President Dan His first year in the White House. The president has not released his tax returns. At that same news conference, Mr Trump talking about his latest Supreme Court nominee, federal Judge Amy Cockney barriers. She's one of our nation's most brilliant legal minds, and I think she'll do very well. We're moving along very quickly. Tremendous unity in the Republican Party. It's the consequence of winning elections, which we did for substantially both in the Senate and obviously in the White House. Judge Barrett is a 48 year old married mother of seven Democrats, Meantime, angry over Judge Barrett's Supreme Court nomination by President Trump. What's at issue is both. This rushed in partisan confirmation in which President Trump has told us He is choosing someone who will overturn Roe vs Wade. He's choosing someone who will overturn the

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