Laptop, USBs stolen from Philadelphia election machine warehouse


Officials are trying to reassure voters after the theft of a laptop and USB drives from a warehouse in east Falls were voting machines are kept. Here's K Y W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobes stolen laptop belonged to an employee of the election machine manufacturer S and s. According to a company spokesperson. She says the laptop did not hold any sensitive election materials was not used to Oh, Graham the machines or interact with the U. S bees. The USB, she says are encrypted and contain multiple levels of security. Nonetheless, the city commissioners say they're rechecking the seals on all the voting machines that have already been tested. They say they're confident the incident won't in any way compromised the integrity of the election. Mayor Kenny adds, It should not deter Philadelphians from voting. Far from having confidence in the security of the election. The timing of the break in though, is uncanny. Police say it was Tuesday night, which is also when President Trump was saying bad things happen in Philadelphia in relation to the election. During his debate with Democrat Joe Biden, the president was referring to the integrity of satellite voting offices, though commissioners say those remains secure ballots cast there are transported by sheriff's deputies to a central location at the end of every day,

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