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Community. Big boy's neighborhood. Hey, Natalia. First presidential debate is in the news, but I think there is one thing that we can all agree on. When it came time of Kim check for this the first presidential debate and it was it was so tough to watch. Like, seriously it was It was so bad and I actually I'm upset that we can't have a presidential debate where people can actually walk away and say I see the vision that you Biden has already see what with Donald Trump still wants to do for people who are undecided. It must like I can't Imagine how confused they must be. Because seriously the moderator Chris Wallace, like, bless his heart, but seriously, he had he needs he needed to get way more control or I don't know what they needed to do. They need to change the rules when it comes to these debates big because it was not working here last you know, the other night. I thought Joe Biden should have should have been more aggressive, too. You know,

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