148: Accessible Focus Styles, Tailwind Labs on YouTube, and Secret Projects

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About accessible focus styles the new headless, you why Library would just released the newtown labs YouTube channel. Some ideas for this concept of tailwind presets some progress. I'm a great static bug fix a thon of twenty twenty We talk about what tailwind light could be We talk a little bit about a secret tail and project, and we also get really excited about a bunch of ideas we would love to do but probably never will this is four stack radio episode one, Forty, eight. Adam weather. How's it going? Knock. Knock. WHO's there? It's me because I had to click on the knock knock button. Dow. Was it. was. All right God anyway, right. So I guess we should just get right into here I. See me got I think we're already in what is the scientists episode you're fully prepared with all your design tips I I was thinking that would be next week because I just joking yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Groups. I'M GONNA go totally down for that though. I think that would be fun I. Like I like a topical episode even though it's not like an interview show anymore it's kind of fun. As we used a while, there's a lot of overlap in what we do and what our listeners are doing right so Nothing wrong with that. We learn how to sit with good posture as soon as I said, mature dude, I'm immediately like. and. Then by the end of the call, the tailbone is like on the edge of the plastic on the Herman Miller Feeder. Chair and it's just. Yeah. That's where I met by four PM every day. Like me by like eight thirty in the morning. If like this and when I'm looking at issues too close and work on. It's like if I can't tackle it with my feet up on the desk at four pm like. I'M NOT TAKING A. Right let's see if I can maintain this posture for the whole podcast seems like. You should get a backlist chair. You should sit on a stool like one of those like cowboy things apart stool. I don't have to that and just yeah, I can. I can empathize with hearts tool I've been we've all been there. We've all been there. So we got a list of stuff here to how I'm just going to try and start it and. Trying to try and be the hero to. Do it. You ruined it. We've been doing it. Okay. All right. We're just. So last time we talked the you were talking a bit about how you're sort of dealing with a bunch of bugs that people work plane in about in the old stamp issues and not even so much the bugs but more like trying to get people excited with new features, and then some people who wanted old features improved kind of felt like they were being ignored and trying to sort of balance all that stuff out so. Did did you come up with any magic silver bullet solutions to your Gabe management woes since our last conversation? Magic bullets. No. But we have actually made a lot of progress and did two things. Okay. The I wasn't I think we touched on a little bit. We set up a get hub group called helpers. and. We bought like a couple of seats. There's four five guys four or five developers who are now helpers on our get hungry boat and they have a triage access. So that lets them. Set like labels actually closed issues whereas before only could close them. So they've been able to go through clear out dupes. Kind of. Clean, and pruning, and that's helped quite a bit and the other thing we did is just work extra hard because that's something you can do sometimes, and in the last since we talked last I, think we close over one hundred and fifteen issues. Wow that's pretty solid. It's pretty good. We were like at three, hundred thirty or something for we're down to like to fifty range because new ones get opened but he's Made, a lot of progress closed. A lot of stuff did some big. Bug Fix patch updates and I think everyone's pretty. Stoked about it we. We feel like we've got some momentum again. Maybe we were just kind of dragging and feeling a little bit burnt out and. We're just fixing bugs for a week or so actually made us feel more excited.

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