Avoiding Weight Gain During Perimenopause and Menopause


Natural drug-free solutions to help women deal with whatever symptoms they might be having in. You know the theory that menopause is a time in a women's life when a woman becomes estrogen deficient that I'm Gonna I'm GonNa say that kind of misconception. Over fifty years ago and was written a book called Feminine Forever It was written by Dr Robert. A Wilson other doctors just accepted that theory and believed that the only answer was. however, you know come came to the conclusion to find that giving women extra estrogen in the form of. Patient often resulted in a higher risk of breast cancer. That's very true. Excuse me. So some of you have been thinking has there been research conducted about excess estrogen leading breast cancer and yes, they have done multiple estrogen replacement therapy studies. They were actually some of them were stopped in process because the rate of breast cancer in women started to increase at a high rate during the estrogen hr tea or hormone replacement, therapy? treatment. And one of those studies was done in two thousand four by W, e nurse. titled. Hormone replacement therapy, and the risk of developing breast cancer. So other researchers like Anthony J from the Mayo Clinic who authored the book Estra Generation How estrogens are making you fat sick in infertile that's a mouthful and I'm going to repeat it because it really the title says a lot astro generation how esther Jenex are making you fat sick and infertile. Those researchers point out that many forms of breast cancer have long been known to be linked to estrogen. And Estrogen, receptors. So basically, this research is saying that adding estrogen type medication to manage symptoms seems to be very risky and Anthony J. was. was. Interviewed in March of twenty twenty on dishing up nutrition podcast. So you may want to go back to that podcast and listen because it's very interesting and people can find that variety of ways on our website right and wellness dot com I tunes right or the dishing up nutrition. APP. Yes. Exactly. And Joanne. The breast cancer rates from nineteen eighty to two thousand, ten increased two, hundred and fifty six percent. Wow. So think about that in thirty years and you know this is research or statistics from twenty years ago. But in that thirty year timeframe, there was over two hundred and fifty percent increase in the rate of breast cancer that standing that number is just staggering unbelievable. Yeah. Now we want to turn our discussion to oral contraceptives otherwise known as birth control pills, and the linked to breast cancer. In. Nineteen Ninety six, there was a study published in The Lancet Journal by the collaborative group on hormonal factors in breast cancer, they addressed the question is the risk of breast cancer high in woman women who took oral contraceptives. Well, it wasn't a high risk, but there was an increased risk and additionally there is research that found and increase risk in liver tumors and cervical cancer. So, that link was from taking oral contraceptives or birth control pills right and I actually, I remember seeing a study in twenty seventeen that gave us similar information. So seen even recently with the lower dose birth control. Pills. That is still accurate. It does increase. And I think people often just you know take birth control pills and maybe don't think twice about it and think of when women are on those for years and years decades many women are on those from teen years. Into menopausal years even right trying to avoid pms things like that. But right it is. Is it time for time for sticker for sprayed here?

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