California wine country faces coronavirus, smoke and fires


In Northern California continue to battle new wildfires that erupted this week. Three people have been killed and thousands evacuated workers in the wine industry or facing new problems. From member station KQED, Sam Barnett reports. Sonoma and Napa County is many workers involved in the wine harvest or immigrants and people of color. Guillermo Harare and his wife run the currency, a devil, a wine company. I'm getting calls left. And right today, Dan Day out of folks looking toa. The work. The smoke from the fires contain grapes and her are says insurance company will only pay if grapes are left on the vine, he says. Wineries have to decide whether to pick what could be a ruined crop or gamble on an insurance check. Five or six of my clients are not going to pick any of their fruit this year. Zero Test results for smoke contamination. Khun take 30 days. So for now, it's unclear how many grapes are ruined for NPR news. I'm Sam her net on Wall

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