Oxygen and his quote near death. Tom the Roundup seven minutes past the hour.


Six await BBM traffic and weather together on the eight clear lane. We've still got a lot of traffic here a lot going on. If you're coming into Indiana headed out of Indiana, you're kind of heavy. The whole stretch here eastbound 80 94 tied up off the Bishop. Ford Broadway. Westbourne. Also slow Broadway to Kennedy of the rest of your Indiana Rosa doing pretty well. You could offer the toll road to save some time now. I'm outside of the Eaton's 33 up on 24 Kennedy out 33 to Montrose 53 2 a year minus 55 from the airport about 35 off the junction up on Ike 43 to Mannheim. It's 56 minutes to 3 90 50 coming in from 3 90 32. Manheim into Jane Byrne. Steve It's not about 42 to the Tri State till 52 minutes to 3 55 Heavy old way to harm inbound is 40 from veterans 30 coming in from the Tri state Dan Ryan out sluggish 39th to the split 35 to get there and about his 22

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