Laptop, USB drives stolen from elections warehouse in Philadelphia's East Falls section


Police are investigating a burglary at an election board warehouse in East Falls. A laptop and encrypted USB drives were stolen Tuesday night Y W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe reports. Officials are trying to reassure voters it won't affect the presidential elections. City commissioners issued a statement saying the stolen laptop did not have any election material on it and is not able to program files for voting machines. They added, has security features to prevent unauthorized access, and the user account has been disabled. They did not disclose what is on the USB drive, saying they were unable to provide further detail since it's an ongoing police investigation, Mayor Kenny says he committed the police resources necessary to find the perpetrators and enhance security at the warehouse. Both he and the commissioner's insists this hasn't compromised the November 3rd election. A burglary appears to have been carried out about the time that President Donald Trump during a debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden was casting doubt on the city's election, saying bad things happen in Philadelphia. Commissioners denounced the criticism, and some voters at the city's satellite election offices said it motivated them to vote early.

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