2020 People's Choice Awards nominees list

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Welcome back to Daly Pop. Let's give huge of applause to Jennifer. Lopez. She is receiving the People's icon award at the twenty twenty e people's choice awards I mean does anybody deserve more than J. Lo Soprano. Did it ten years ago The nominations dropped a short time ago. So let's check out some of the top competitions. Take a look at the female artist of twenty, twenty their. Good names on this list really eyelash took the title last year. Do you think she's going to win it again or is it someone else in you Lebron? Liba, just because I like every song and that's rare. And I think album came at the right time. We were all depressed even banana bread and wondering if that murder Hornets are gonNA come through. Yeah. Super me. She will win this. Me She gets. With Taylor swift she dropped. Carpet again, this summer and it was huge and I think there's a really good. These are going to come through. Opinion you still with. All right. Next up, we have the female TV star twenty twenty. Nominees. Who Do you think's GonNa. Win this one. Well, with Christina applegate I thought that debt to me was so good I love that show we missed her on television and you know she's making a big comeback this year I think this is a good year for her. Was Sandra. Oh, just. Good for you I think you forget that people need stability right now and yes that to me was bombed but he came in it went mariscal. There are so many law and order Svu reruns and marathons right now. To see her again and relive all like the crazy haircut I gotta say she's such a talented actress every time I watched that show on my damn bomb her. Let's talk about the social celebrity of twenty. This is based on their social media accounts alone a lot of good nominees I actually went with Bieber here. He over quarantine remember going live with Haley and they were doing like inside looks at their house and he's been a lot more active on social lately and he's been I. Don't know he's just been more open just this be beepers year I'm GonNa go with the jeans because he's of pivoted his social media account for social justice and I think a lot of times athletes do that because they try to protect the bag. So for me, my star is the person who used his social media for good and that's ads. That's a good way. To classic I went with Kylie because I mean she's really an effortless thing for her and she basically shuts it down every single day by not doing a whole lot the you know the photos are very easygoing but She just kills it that girl. So I went with her

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