#473 - Girl Power

In The Gate


Decided according to worse is doing if we deal with it and to me, it's not a big deal. Swiss. Skydiver is still fresh. Leads. Three parts of Lake, luke, Lucretia, as that a good bit and she's Rick Creeping closer second Swiss skydiver has been masterfully handled by pocket. Lopez turns for home with the advantage. New Criteria to the attack is second Lake Avenue is now third but as they go to the finish line, they left tackle alone and Swiss skydiver is at Gulfstream Park oaks winner. What are the most important things that have to go right for Swiss skydiver to win the preakness. Well the pace of this race is going to be interesting. Authentic on the outside and art collector. Saw Us. How that unfolds, is GONNA be. The first half mile will be very interesting to see how it unfolds. We had a to raise commitment. With Todd Athlete, I'm going into this race. That unfortunately, they didn't order. And left me in a position around the change routers. That until Saturday we thought we were. We are plans set but they weren't but I'm bringing a robber autos won this race and he's been a big race rotter one plenty of major races. So He's hungry for that level again. But how that pays unfolds and I'm not even going to try to guess. When we certainly wish her the best of luck on Saturday trainer Ken mcpeek. Thank you so much for a few minutes sir. Thank you. By the way in case you were wondering fifty four phillies have started the preakness with five winners and five runners up forty phillies have started the derby with three winners and twenty three in the Belmont with three winners including the first ever triple crown race winner ruthless in eighteen, sixty seven. Don't leave yet. The future of the funding for thoroughbred racing has been thrown into some chaos by a recent court ruling. What does the future for? So called historical racing mean for the sport will get into that when we come back.

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