We're doin' it Live(ish)!! - 158

The How-To Heretic


To how to heretic I'm. I'm uncle Dan. Doug. This is your user's guide to life on the outside. That's right. Leaving religion is the first step into a larger better world, but it can also be a scary world. Work differently now, never feared that's why we're here. Goes and with help from good friends and experts in all sorts of fields, we're going to share the stories and seek knowledge to build a great life. After all, you'll get the one that we know of seeing better make the most events. Guys. Hey How's it going? I am exhausted. I. We're doing it live. We're doing we've been. We've been doing this program this little Internet radio program of ours for three whole years. Yeah. What every every damned Sunday for? Yeah. So So we we decided to do a live show. We've got a zoom full of beautiful faces. that we are looking at that listeners at home don't see but maybe we'll throw it up on a I. think we're going to try and get it up on the the Youtube Youtube in a few days probably. But what a treat what a treat we have an internationale. And blood of heretics from all over the world we're very excited by this. And hopefully they are too. Well. By now see what they've learned is that we record backwards we record all of our segments first and then we talk about them literally backwards we learn coming language backwards and then we play it backwards and that's back masking. So we record all your new yet won't duck with the and then and then we it forward and it's great now. So so yeah, fun show we're GONNA start with. Uncle. Doug. As his dream of being a game show host, the closest I've ever gotten to my dream. Of being a liberal Guy Smiley. We're GONNA play a game another version of square that circle but with a live audience time. But with real people, not just us. So with real people getting lucky with stupid questions and there and there will be prizes. And we're GONNA reflect a little bit on three wasted years. Yeah. Exactly. There won't be prizes for that except the journey the journey is the destination that one. I'm. Deepak. Wise. Right. That was some some some deep unease right there full. And then, and then we're going to have a Q.. We're going to have actual

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