First presidential debate: Key moments and takeaways


He won't ever look, unite and say that's what he wants to do. Take it away. I want to give numbers healthcare at a much lower price. Because I know how he doesn't know how to fix tea is never offered to do it Extent you like Waas. A lot of that there was name calling there was arguing the moderator had a really tough time keeping control of it all. One San Diego man was watching it last night. He was observing as someone who coached a candidate for president in a debate buried to Goto. Hey, Good morning is Madonna and yes, it is so you can Nice to get a chicken. Well, thank you, sir. You are a coach for Jimmy Carter Back in the 1976 debate against incumbent Gerald Ford. You've seen many debates. You've been part of them. Was this a debate last night or a disaster or both? Well, you're right about that. I've been watching these debates since 1960 participating in some, and the first is a citizen. And now I'm back to being a citizen. So six years of experience, so I thought last night was sort of Ah, Forgive me for tipping my hat here, but as a citizen, I thought it was a gentleman versus the bully. San And most important, I was very disappointed in my own friend Chris Wallace, the moderator, who seemed somehow to not be able to keep control of the debate. But that begs this question, though. You know when you're when you're talking about two. I mean, these are two brawlers. Let's face it both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Are really good street fighting kind of guys in a political fashion. How is any moderator going to keep control over those two particular men? Well, that's their job. The moderator's job keep control. And as I said last night, I thought you had the since I've been watching it for 60 years. I thought you had a bully versus a gentleman. But I am back to being a citizen now so I can understand why President Trump took the tone and the demeanor he did, and I thought that Biden I had a couple of chances. Ah, throw a punch or two, but he didn't do that. He stayed back. And in that regard, I think you could say that President Trump helped his base. Particularly when he talked about white supremacists. And when he was didn't help us with our fire fires here in California, But Ah Ah, you're right. Ah, Donna, it would be a tough job for any moderate So let's talk about and you said Trump did well for his base. Let's talk about whether this particular debate would change anybody's mind at this point. If you're voting if you're a Biden guy, or if you're a trump guy, did any of what you heard last night matter or change your mind? Oh, no, not if you'd already made up your mind. Although there does we do have this concert containing concern about the fair election, which President Trump keeps trying to sew. But apart from that, you know, the president did tell his white supremacist voters to stand by and he didn't help is on the On the fires. So, ah, Susan out here in California. I was not impressed with President Trump. And on the other hand, I wish I had wished that Biden had thrown a few more punches when he had a

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