Mitchell scores 51 points, Jazz beat Nuggets for 3-1 lead


K is here from his home studio talking about sports. And what a difference a week makes last week cash. We're all fired up about the Rockies, abs and nuggets now, after that weekend, not so much Yeah, the Nuggets now find themselves in an almost insurmountable hole. After last night's 1 29 1 27 lost to Utah in their opening round playoff. Siri's inside the NBA's bubble Jazz All Star guard down when Mitchell led all scores of 51, but he's matched by Nuggets guard Jamal Murray, who had 50 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists and loss. No. One time we're not going to know 315, what is going on there? No, I must go home yet. So, he said. There's a lot of fight left in those pictures. Nice, though. If I was on my Marina's Nuggets teammates now seek to become just the 12 team in MBA history to come back in a best of seven series after trailing 31 Game five that you heard Marie Reference comes your way tomorrow afternoon at 4 30.

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