Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Claudia, 15, Says She's Seeking Emancipation


Kellyanne Conway, his 15 year old daughter. Ah has said some very interesting statements on social media, not just in the last day, but in the last weeks months, she said. She's she was devastated. That her mother will be speaking at the RNC. Ah, in a flurry of tweets criticizing her parents. She also said she and her father agree on absolutely nothing politically before announcing she would be taking a mental health break from Social Media. Get her daughter's only 15 years old, she says. I'm officially pushing for emancipation buckle up, because this is probably going to be public one way or another. Unfortunately, welcome to my life. She's left leaning. At one point, she urged progressive representative Alexander Acosta Cortez to adopt her. I'll tell you I wish Cortez would adopt me. I'll be honest, I'm with her on that one. She says. As far as my dad goes politically, we agree on absolutely nothing. We just both happen to have common sense when it comes to our current president. Stop staining him. Claudia tweeted using a term, referring to someone who admires someone or something the point of obsession. She added that her mother was selfish for pushing her line of work. My mother's job ruined my life to begin with. She also went on to say, heartbreaking that she continues to go down the path. After years of watching your Children suffer selfish. It's all about money and fame. Ladies and gentlemen, she also continued, and she said, I'm a savage. I'm aware, but you know, just going on and on talking about how angry she is that her parents, particularly in this situation, her mother for ruining her life now she also I've got some breaking audio that she went on Tic tac, and this just broke out on TMZ. So again, this is Kellyanne Conway's daughter. 15 years old on Tic tac. Have a listen to this. I'm probably stall this earth because of all of you like and I'm really grateful for that. Um And I'm really trying to manage my sister. My situation, but I I love you guys so much. Um And I just want to say thank you for supporting me. If anybody has lawyers or anything, you can email me. Um I'm going to be a whole lot of thinking for once. Take it. What does she want? Lawyer? She wants to sue her mom trapped. Trying to understand what does she want? No, she said she wants emancipation. By the way, if Kellyanne Conway was my mother, I'd probably want to get an attorney as well. Those air alternative fax my mother is Mrs alternative facts, But I wonder why, like, what is she trying to do? I want to sue my mom because my mom is a bad parent. And she cares more about Donald Trump in her own fan. I mean, I guess you could see your mom for that. I wonder how that would work. Anyway. Go ahead, Shaun going to be, you know, taking e mails on my email at sea and Conway five at gmail dot com. That's C M. As in movie Conway, five. A. Stein, Can you please write down that email? I want to get Kelly and complex daughter on a radio show I want. I want to get around the show. I'm serious. It's worth an email. I'm sure she got probably 200 other emails. But, you know, I'm sure she'll do Vegas local radio. Why wouldn't she dotcom And if you have any information on pro bono lawyers in the New Jersey or D C areas I really, really appreciate it. Um Because this is really getting out of control tonight. I have to get out of the situation of men. Um, and it sucks that I'm kind of being used as a publicity stunt. The PR son. It actually sucks. That's like and I don't even know what to say. Right now. I'm just kind of just in shock. I'm kind of just like And I can't even cry anymore because I'm so numb like two crying like I just can't But please don't believe anything that you see, especially like my parents saying that they're doing it for the family. They're not like they're not at all. I'm literally giving you the tea. I'm giving you all the realist. They didn't say anything about this. Um they literally just tweeted about it. Um, my dad doesn't care about me and Eric. He's never cared about me. Um, he probably doesn't even know my middle name. Which is really sad, but it's true. You know, he never really cared about me my whole life he always belittle when I was younger. My dad physically abused me a lot. Um Right here in this very room and My mom is standing with my mom. You know, my mom got me arrested. You know, She's very, very physically abusive, long, very, very, very abusive. I've been belittles and badgered Mine's higher life, And I just said this to them, you know? You guys putting on this whole show? You know, they want attention. So you know, then putting it on this whole show of them Leaving? I guess isn't really Going to be effective. You know, I think they're just scared that I'm going to emancipate myself, which I am. I'm going to try.

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