How Do I Deal With Judgy Comments From My Parents?


Episode of its starts. Tomorrow. I'm Sammy I mean lean. And we're back we have email. Special Bonus. They're all special. Actual, each each. Episode is. Abusing. A Pearl inside of. Noise. To be value revealed an answered. Okay. Okay Hi. Sammy Lean I recently read the intuitive eating book and have been following journey. I've taken this into my own hands and have really been practicing what it means to be to be an intuitive eater. So Bart is completely shipped in my relationship with food and my eating habits for the better yet I've been putting so much work and evidence bettering myself. But I realized how many outside factors can come into play when my mom gets her two cents if I reach over her piece of bread, the dinner table for me uncle when would Be. The fact that I decided to take only one piece of bread. It was satisfied instead of inhaling entire basket, which is what I would have done the past my question revolves around what to do about these types of toxic reactions from others. I've been so much happier and excited about food and I hate that I feel such a setback after hearing a comment like this I'd love to hear more from each of you and your experiences about this. Thank you so much again for help of my Saturday with your podcast during the Q. Exo. Gossip girl guys. Yeah I feel like this is really really difficult because. We definitely give a shit about what other people think about us. That's just like US human nature. For me like I think that. You just have to kind of remember that that judgment is you're projecting judgment if she's she's literally not saying anything and Tuesday you're just thinking that she's something that's your own projection of what she's said in the past or what you think that she's gang or your own judgment of your cells I, would. I would just accept that that feeling kind of let it go away instead of like. You know instead of dwelling on it if she just say something if she actually does give her two cents as though as as you say. Just say like. You know what I really want the bread. You know it's not what what, what does it matter you really if I have the bread. I on you know I don't want to be like well, what about your Brett you know? What would you do semi? Well because you know how many like how much eating habits are to Mealy Lake impacted especially by our parents. This is like not this. You're not going to be able to turn her around like ever control all the factors that make you want to not like might you bring back feelings that make you WanNa die it again like that's your base, the world like they're thrown at us all the time with something like this with your mom or your. Family where it's like especially hard to break a particular pattern I. think that like once you do it the first time and you show that you're doing this and it's you know how many times are they gonna comment like every time you eat a piece of bread they're gonNA comment forever like right they do and let's say, let's say they do. It will get easier on you because you will be stronger every time you do it and you don't like. Or like a Lien said every time that you like process that emotion of how difficult it is that also helps you grow a lot. Yeah, I think like. I think it can go two ways I think in the beginning like for like we've talked about this like my mom's comment about herself say or or she'll say something to me that she's probably feeling about herself. I'll just kind of like I'll go and then I'll like if she wants to reaction enemy right? Big. I'll make like this stupid look fake laugh and then I'll just change the subjects. So it's like conditioning to Sam not going to engage in this conversation. Even though you want to have it so bad. The second is if it does continue on and on, you can say, which also sets my mom. And I was really proud of myself because I was started crying about like so scared to have to even say this. Just be like I really don't like I love you so much and I know you want the best for me what I? I really don't feel I. Don't feel comfortable talking about weight stuff anymore you know what I'm doing just trust me. And that's really it makes it about you. You you. There's no like. There's no antagonistic like Oh will had wanted to say before because my first reaction is fighting. But then if you really like kind of. Take a break and like take a little breath and say you know this isn't this isn't have to do with me all her. So just be like, I, know what? I'm doing not no big deal. I love. You know you want you want the best for your tensions or amazing. But let's not talk about that. Let's forget something else and. You don't give anything back about that. She gets offensive about that. What are you going to get him about? This episode is sponsored by

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