Carnivore Diet Myths Debunked


Is up guys welcome to this solo cast episode think you'd have been Greenfield for the questions which I will be answering in Solo casts episode. As many of you may know I've written the book, the Cardboard Code Rushing the video. You can see there behind me, this podcast will be released the first week of August twenty twenty one the second edition of my book is now live. So if you enjoy information check out the book dot, Carnivore Code Dot Com if you guys are new to this you. Haven't heard me talk to Ben. About the Carnivore Diet to previous podcasts on the Carnivore Diet you may WanNa check out in addition to this. So I was on Ben's podcast in March of Twenty nineteen and then last year or earlier this year when the first edition of the came out, I did the first solo cast on Ben's episode on Ben's show in which I answered some reader questions, not the Carnivore Code and after Ben read the book, He me a list of questions that he had about. The were code and that is what I will be diving into more specifically today on this solo casts episode. As many of you know Ben is a student of this stuff about chemistry. So some of these questions are pretty detailed try and break them down as clearly as I can. There's a lot of good nuance here that I think bring guys a lot of value. If you are more interested in ain't virata your Ordina, I'll give you three minutes summary Now for dive into some of these finer points the. Carnivore Diet is is an idea of an animal based I in contradistinction to plant based sides of today, the feces that I advance in my book the Carnivore Code are twofold in broad terms. The first is the animal foods specifically red meat and ruminant animals have been incorrectly vilified the last seventy years mostly at the by the result or as a result of incorrectly done science based on observational epidemiology. We have answer keys to thank for that. In many ways I've done a great podcast on my show with Natasha. Wrote Big Fat surprise in which we breakdown many of the myths surrounding saturated fat. So I probably will not get into saturated fat in this episode today. But if you want to know why we have such a bad misunderstanding, saturated fat listened to that episode on my podcast, we go into the details of saturated fat why it's actually very healthy for humans approach to get into it a little bit. Today with steering acid later but that is a big big misconception. There are many other misconceptions regarding read me that will cause cancer that will cause heart disease that it was shorten your life. Some of those will address today they are all addressed in my book, but they are all false none of them are supported by real interventional science actual experiments. They are false claims made based on observation deeming allergy. That has been widely misinterpreted and is inherently flawed Ben and I have talked about this in the past on previous shows. So referred of those. So the first of the book, a Carnivore Co is that Red Meat Animal Foods knows detail organ meets, which I want to talk about a lot today are critically important in the human diet. The part of every humans diet if we wish to be healthy and optimal and they should not be shunned based on incorrect science embrace the red meat especially. And know that you need those meeting Oregon's in order to thrive Ben I know is becoming more and more a fan of organ meats. He many nose to tail meals in the past together with the great. Great. Enjoyment in there are many amazing stories of that and let him tell you at some point in the future. The second thesis of the book is the plant foods exist on a toxin spectrum plants are rooted in the ground. They have no defenses other than the toxins they have evolved. This is not really conjecture botanical science. In the Condor Code I discussed multiple studies showing there are thousands and thousands of plant toxins that are present in plants and these can be harming. It's my golden writing. This book is not commit everyone to stop eating all plants. It's to empower you to realize to fold as saying here now that red meat and animal foods are the most nutritious foods on the planet that I mean containing the most bioavailable sources of all the nutrients humans need to thrive and number two that if you're not kicking as much fun as you want, you may be you may be well served by considering the plan foods you're eating on A. Spectrum which also outlined in the book and eliminating the plants that are most toxic that may be harming you in a variety of ways plans make defense chemicals. This is undeniable and again again all out in the book, it's a very comprehensive book over six hundred fifty references, and that is a broad strokes outlook on the way that I think humans really should be eating the first part. Of the book is about evolution we talk about the human brain is talking about the human brain in book at that point, and I talk about how it's gotten very big very quickly over the last two, million years primarily as a result of humans eating meat hunting I'm going to answer some questions been had in regard to this that in this podcast in secondarily I, talk about the fact. that. When we began agriculture are health when south very quickly and there's very good evidence that this is the really the massive change in the nutritional density of our foods accompanied that as we were hunting less and I will talk about that specifically in this podcast because Ben asked a question about that second part of the book is mostly about plant toxins I breakdown individual types of land toxins. I about polyphenyls why I think we've got this all wrong Benon I may respectfully disagree here but I I do make out what I believe is a very strong case for the book and I would love more discussion with this in the future I talk about oxalate electons solicits and I talk about all kinds of things like that. That are harming US isothiocyanates, which I will talk about today. which are things like fourteen in goal trian. and. How these plant compounds can affect for Mona balance that can affect nutrient absorption. They can affect our gut and really wreak havoc in lot of us if we are not aware of how present in our diet they are, how we might detoxify them in house. Some of US might be more specifically sensitive to them than and they can be causing us great harm and suffering the third part of the book is about to bunking. MITTS in the book. I. Talk About. I. Bunk. With me at that assurance, your life that causes cancer that causes heart disease and that you need fiber to poops all that is in the book I won't get into all of that today I could never do that would be a six hour podcast restaurants in there and in the fourth and final part of the book I outline very clear perspective very clear a model for how to eat a diet outlined five tiers. Of the Carnivore Diet, which gives the reader a sense of how to do this that works best for you and they some of them include plants a tier one for Diet includes plants I call it carnivore ish, but it gives you a toxicology spectrum and the foods that I believe are least toxic are included. They are able to be included on a carnivore ish type diet. Ben Himself has often said that he's eating carnivores. Words in his mouth I think that he would agree with this that he's thinking about making the majority of his Diet Animal Foods and organ meats, and then eating the foods, the plant foods that agree with him the most and thinking about the toxicity spectrum of those plants.

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