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Did we talk about your road runner on the first episode, we did together of the show I. Don't want why don't you tell us the story? Yes. Aside from chargers and burnt up Khuda. Johnny and a whole host of other MO- pars. Johnny has also had a really awesome dude. You're roadrunners bad, ass. Tell us about your road. I remember seeing the pictures of it for the first time and I'm like. Hey, you have too many cool cars that I want. So. Tell us about that. Awesome roadrunner. This is the ratty one right the blue. Absolutely that okay. Man That card if I could find that exact car right now, I'd be a very happy man but. Tell us tell us the whole story about the road. All right. So Up in the high desert, which is I think it's like Apple Valley area out here. Not You know not that you would know where this is but anyway, it's it's it's a little bit of a stretch to get there from where I lived but I think it was in the recycler craigslist or something? I'm not even sure craigslist was around back then but I found this seventy roadrunner right And it was pretty sketchy description and stuff and I call the guy and he's like ads. Pretty. Roach Dow. But it does run. It's a three car I'm like all right has tiktok tack in it unlike. Allen go check this thing out so I was just dating my wife back. Then you know so I I I cook stir into going for a drive. You know a road trip up to go check out this car. And get there and it's like this. Lavender primer color in somebody rattled canned stripe on the hood. Had the Bulge Hood. And but Iran. And I was like, Oh, by had, we'll flares in the back which I didn't And I think I think I paid. I want to say was like Fifteen hundred bucks to two thousand dollars somewhere in there. Drug at home. And then I didn't like the color. So I black primaried the whole thing and then I drove it around a little bit but I didn't have it long and then I was starting to chip out the crap and you know the flares and the wheel wells the hated it, and then it's like, oh. God. Why did I opened this up just nasty like they just they just got in there with like sheet metal cutters and just like peeled the medal up and then just mud it you know. Was Nasty and then the right rear corner that car. It had been hit and then so somebody cut a clip off of another car I'm thinking a four door. And like grafted it into the car, they did a terrible job of doing it. So I I was just like this way too much for me. I'm I'm not gonNA take on the project like this so I think it was probably the recycler. Anyway this guy from same area Apple Valley calls me up. He's a tow truck driver and he's like a he was yeah a I I know that car seen that car up here stopped trying to buy that car that guy wouldn't sell it for years and years, and he's like, how did you get a hold of it and I'm like it was in the recycler He's I can't believe I. missed it. You know. So anyways, he goes. Well, he didn't have eating the money, but he's like, would you be interested in a trade and I'm like I don't know like what do you got? You know he's listing off the one hundreds and you know some bodies like Darts and Whatever Who wants a dart when he can get chargers all the time for not? Exactly. Exactly. So unlike No not interested. He goes well, I got a I got a sixty nine road runner and I go. He goes with doesn't have drive train in it, but you know it's five blue and. I go. Sounds interesting. I'd be interested in that and he goes I. Go dude this car is rough. The seventy is rough 'cause. I've really like seventy seventies on my favorite. Described everything wrong with the car. I think it had three fifty five's in it but anyway, he's like well, can you come up and can I check out the car because I was really Skeptical that he would be interested in trading for it. Right so I, I, drive a met him. I went like three quarters of the way up there, and then he met me because he was working he was actually he showed up in a tow truck. We met like right off the freeway. You know he's checking out the car and he's like I want I'm interested and I'm like all right cool and he goes well. Come back up on the weekend and all I had was like a really sketchy picture. Of the Blue Road runner, the sixty nine.

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