Name is Julia. I'm from Syria from the northern city of Bracha, who suffered a lot during the war


Was surprised to see a large group of people at the gate of a church. So I asked around wondering what all this is about. I was told that this is a church and people go there to worship. My curiosity suddenly grew as I wanted to know what church and worship meant because I was so amazed to see people in such large numbers. I knew there was something intriguing, so I decided to go inside. I thought I entered the church and sat in the very back. As I sat with my three kids. I was clueless as to what was going on. But the music was the first thing that touched my heart. It was like some magnet, attracting me. I kept asking the people what this thing is heard Answers like prayer in the Lord Jesus. But all that was new to my ears. Every Sunday as I came, I got more absorbed started each time approaching one row forward, and I never stopped asking questions so much desire to know more. Once I asked one of the senior brothers at church with God,

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