Judge Is that against her, They say, EJ.


The Ad Council have been so many Democratic candidates in the presidential race that you may have lost track of who's still in it. Well, the president's here to help start out we had a choice between Slippy Joe and Crazy Burning voice will remember a late entry was little My go candidate with the hardest to pronounce name is judge Is that against her, They say, EJ. Shut it. Now. This name is not on the ballot. But just for fun. Having a blast from the past crooked Hillary Clinton and hope that one stays in the past even doll straight with a little help from the big dog on talk radio 5 60 ksfo. How bad is bias in the media? Canady knows when I talk about the mom in the media, not talking about 10%. It's 99.9% of all media. ABC, CBS, NBC to cable channels devoted to just hating Trump late night speaks in one voice. Ace Hollywood. Also, they have one cause. Hey, Trump Defeat Trump Get the real story from Sean Hannity weeknights at nine on talk radio 5 60 ksfo, Shapiro says Biden and the media need a refresher course. Biden suggested that President Trump will postpone the election. This is not how the Constitution of the United States began. Just pulling an election as president requires an act of Congress to change the electoral rules. And Joe Biden is an idiot who doesn't know anything about the Constitution and neither do

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