570 - Ian Bagg - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


VIRTUAL DOT com you can keep on watching till almost midnight on Friday. So thank you for everybody to support it. We know it was it was Greatly supported. So hopefully, it came through in a big big way and what I loved about the the number to show is that we we wanted to expand I think we got a little excited about the uncensored element and the first one. So we were like, let's just watch people taking shit on nuggets. And that's fun. That's all good. But in the second show, we really expanded our definition of what it meant to be live. Yes. Original content we built I liked it. Made me anxious with how much we have going on in like made it like that's an exciting thing. We're like we're gonNA cut from this guest to this prepackaged thing. We shot a bunch of original content. If you saw it, which was that was the thrill you know we wrote it shot at editor we had we had to hire. Extra editors, extra producers, whole team of people nine or ten actors. It was a whole ordeal and actors that would be willing to do the sketches we wanted them to, which was a again issue. Recurring. On. Why originals that people who are starving to perform look at our stuff and go? Don't WanNa do that right in. Where there's we're offering money nine, nine, hundred, I. Don't need money that bad. But we did it. anyways. You know it just as they do what you want as as you're and you're an adult, you could do it. You gotta massage your little hold Assad. Your little hope it's not massage rain. He says, Massad, but. You, get pin saying. Yeah. Not I N G but in K. I know and I am I didn't somebody pointed out to me and I was like what and then I started listening you arguing that you're like every rock everything because I think it's high it's like I grew up speaking on Gary before he spoke English I think that messed me up a little bit. Wow that's because that was a and I can't get it out of my head. No me neither I was watching the video. We did the sketch and I'd do it in the sketch Oh Jeez. Such a foreigner is that a foreigner thing? Yeah. It's it is because I spoke Gary and I I think my you know it's we need your learning language I had to learn English second. Key retarded. How dare? I say rude I know what about you and badly boy we got an ear meeting on that one takes on the made me feel bad. Everybody gave me a hard time about it. I was like I. Feel I feel bad about this boy. Let me tell you. I went through the Wyoming e mail gladly change the way that I speak and they were relentless. It was the grammar police came out in force to let you know you're completely are word. Well, you know they have a point and also I think it's even funnier because We make a living speaking. Outlet forms I kind of feel like saying retarded. I. Well and here's the deal man is that. You just can't you're on for so long we do so many hours of content and I can't always be right. Now. So you just reality stream-of-consciousness what we're doing here. Yeah. South drew try unprompted on prompted. Well, let's get into the show the we have great clips. Great talking. For today, share with you and we have a great. Great. Great. Great guests. So let's do you ready to get. Go, Elliot ten say they shouldn't ever wear masks if they have any medical issues or mental health concerns or they feel they simply can't breeze when George Floyd was saying I can't breathe and then he died and we're wearing a mask and we say I can't breathe. So we're being forced to it anyway. Randy. Rian when loving committee. Anyway. Your Mom's house. With Tom Sikora. Your. By the way you

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