Citywide curfew for Louisville goes into effect, one officer indicted in Breonna Taylor case


Curfew has been in place in Louisville Kentucky since nine PM tonight. Kentucky's Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that a grand jury has returned no criminal charges against the to Louisville police officers who shot and killed Brianna Taylor Grand Jury did return a felony charge of wanton endangerment against a third officer who was outside of retailers apartment building when he fired ten shots that luckily hit no one. Cal, Perry is covering the situation for MSNBC tonight on the streets of Louisville and he will join us in a moment what happened to Brianna Taylor during the police raid of her Louisville apartment that left her dead. From police bullet. was enough to get one of the officers involved fired three months ago. It was enough to force the city of Louisville to agreed last week to pay a settlement of twelve million dollars to Brianna Taylor family for the city agrees was the wrongful death of Brianna Taylor. But it was not enough to bring criminal charges against the two officers who shot Brianna Taylor according to Kentucky's Attorney General Daniel Cameron who today revealed the findings of a grand jury but was guided in those findings by the Attorney General. What happened when police fired their guns? That night is what happens most of the time when police fire their guns in the line of duty? Their target most police bullets miss their targets most of the time. And sometimes, that's a good thing. And sometimes that's a tragic thing. In this case, it was actually both the police were aiming at whoever fired a gun at them when they burst through the apartment door in the middle of the night bjarne tellers boyfriend says, they didn't identify themselves as police officers in the dark. He grabbed his gun and fired his bullet hit and wounded officer. Jonathan Mattingly when Mattingly Officer Miles Cosgrove fired in the direction of that gunshot they missed. Kenneth Walker they fired twenty two bullets between them. Between the two of them. And they missed their target, every one of those bullets, their target. But six of those bullets hit Brianna Taylor. One of the bullets fired by officer. Cosgrove was the shot that killed her according to an FBI crime climb crime lab analysis made public by Kentucky's Attorney General today everything about the police work I just described to. You was judged to be wrong by the city of Louisville and that is why the city settled the wrongful death lawsuit brought by Brianna tell his family last week for twelve million dollars the city of Louisville, and that settlement also promised police reforms to Bernardo tellers family. That is a formal legal statement by the city of Louisville. The killing Ron Taylor was wrong but was it criminal? That was the question for the jury. We don't know what evidence was presented to the grand jury. As of today, we only know that the grand jury did not find a crime in the killing of Brianna Taylor, but they did find criminal conduct at the scene by a third officer. The best description I've heard of what officer Brett Hankinson did. Is On the New York Times podcast daily which describes what he did after he ran out of the apartment building and was actually out in the parking lot outside of Briana Taylor's apartment. and. Keep begins blindly firing through Brianna window and her patio door both of which covered with blinds so he had no way of seeing inside The bullets from bread hang concerns gone. We believe are the ones that ripped not just through parliament but also through one of the apartments that was in the back where a young woman who was pregnant and her five year old child were asleep in separate bedrooms. And he got fired for that. And those were the shots that when they missed their target. That was a good thing. A very good thing because they didn't hit anyone ten police bullets fired into an apartment building where they could have killed a five-year-old child ten police bullets that could have kill bet, Charles pregnant mother, and those ten police bullets luckily missed everyone. At that apartment building today a grand jury in Louisville, decided that those ten police bullets were criminal. The grand jury charged Officer Hampton with the felony of Wanton Endangerment Kentucky Law says a person's guilty of wanton endangerment when circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life he wantonly engages in conduct which creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person and that according to the Kentucky Attorney General and the grand jury impaneled is the only crime was committed when thirty two police bullets were fired. After Lou police broke into Brianna tellers apartment in the middle of the night.

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