The Mystery of Woodchester Mansion

Haunted Places


People have lived in the area of Gloucestershire share. Now known as would chester park since the Romans invaded Britannia but the site of the Winchester Mansion itself began as a hunting lodge in the middle of a heavily wooded deer park. The ducie family purchased the Land Law in Sixteen thirty one renovating it into a Georgian. House called Spring Park. The ducey's kept the house in a near constant state of renovation added several landscaping features to the sprawling four thousand Acre valley including a group of art official lakes in eighteen forty. The second earl of Ducie inherited the property from his recently deceased father. The Legend of what happened that fateful year would be the first indication that something wasn't quite right at the would chester estate. It's no wonder that rumors of full body apparitions, disembodied voices, and the strange smell of extinguish candles persist. Not when the initial occupancy of the mansion turned out to be so very, very strange. Henry was grateful that his father and past he would never say so loud but he could not be happier. He had long toiled in the shadows of Thomas Reynolds Morton look first earl of Ducie. While the reward of inherited title was a nice reward for his time. It wasn't enough Thomas expected a lot out of him henry heated the permanence near the Thomas War around his son the constant lack of approval had driven Henry to dark thoughts. It was unfair that someone who had so much could feel as though they were nothing. He'd contemplated killing his own father regularly. It wished for his father's death a thousand times. But wishes weren't enough. At night he trump of sneaking into his father's room and crushing his windpipe Thomas, Cole ties would stare back at him in defiance but Henry would only press harder. He would steal every ounce of paint from his father that he could. He would revel in at even. This was the retribution he deserved. But by the time, he finally summoned the courage to act on his feelings fate had intervened. His father was dead and Henry would be able to keep his soul free at sin. He should have been overjoyed, but there was a part of him. That was disappointed. Henry had wanted to watch the life leave is father's is. Instead, S. he stood in the church on that summer morning he saw the corpse of an older man that felt nothing like his father. This husk of a person wasn't even the slightest bit intimidating. He was justice Shell Serene still. No fire behind the size no disapproving sneer. To the best of his knowledge Thomas Reynolds, Morton had never looked serene is life. Death was as the saying goes the great equalizer Henry didn't WanNA. Feel equal to his father he wanted to feel better that him. His shock at being robbed of the chance to end his father's life was eventually swallowed by his own greed. He held the title and the purse strings that once belonged to Thomas. The legacy had been passed onto him and he could do whatever he wanted with that power. His first act of filial disobedience was going to be a party. He would holden enchanted forest themed masquerade at his father's last real estate acquisition but converted Hunting Lodge in Winchester Park. It was still under construction, but the ballroom was mostly finished and the incomplete designed would really add to the atmosphere. Henry woke with a sense of clear purpose on the day of the party even though he held the title for weeks, this would be his entrance into high society as an earl. The people would give him the respect they never gave his father. A. Played softly as Henry mingled with his guests, he welcomed as many people as he could bobbing out of conversations whenever he grew tired of the subject matter. Most of these guests were more his father's friends than his. He despised them, but he couldn't resist the chance to hold his new title and the imminent chaos heads. He outranked nearly all of them now. Though the event was a masquerade few visit guests had been particularly inventive. There was fun and trying to guess who everyone was. Something always gave them away the gate, the bone structure, the laugh. There were at least four uninspiring looking deer and far too many rakish second sons had decided to come as wolves. But there was one person Henry didn't know. A strange masked man was weaving his way through the crowd. He had never introduced himself and his body language was unfamiliar. Henry tried to get closer, but he struggled to even get a clear view of the masked man. The pushed through the of gentry ignoring their complaints. Finally. When the crowd parted they met. The mysterious man was standing still gazing out one of the large glazed windows to the forest behind. And redrew closer and put one gloved hand on the man's shelter. The did not turn around.

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