Amazon Alexa Event 2020

Voice in Canada


He there. Thank you so much. Those of you that tuned in yesterday for the voice and we had a blast and. I hope you had a great time as well. If you were there, if you weren't there, you can already savior for session six voiced end dot com, and also save your seat for the upcoming party as well. Same website voice dot com. Today's a big event for Amazon. If you remember approximately year ago, Amazon announced all of these really cool products the echo frames, the glasses with Lexi Bilton, the echo loop, the ring with Lexi Bilden, and a whole host of other features and products, etc. Well, today is the annual event for Amazon. Lexi for this year, and of course, as being held virtually this year and I am really excited I was actually A. Very fortunate I'm feel very humbled that I was given an invitation to attend this and I look forward to seeing all the new products and I can't wait to report them to you over the coming days as I have a chance to. Let all the different things sinking and think about how they are going to impact what we are doing so. Usually if history has shown us anything, it shows that Amazon is extremely busy behind the scenes and I would expect that we are going to see a whole bunch of new devices. My sense from right is that anything that theoretically could be a hero or a wearable is where Amazon is focusing and so. This is strictly, this is not based on any inside information. This is just my feeling. I would wonder if we're going to see other types of wearables have lexi Bilton maybe earrings maybe a necklace maybe a bracelet maybe a belt, those sorts of things that we wear on us and that will allow Lexi to be with us because he does not have a native phone Amazon doesn't make phones. So it's a way for them to get around that issue. Anyway. I'm excited for the event I'm going to enjoy that and I will make sure to report back to you very soon. Have a wonderful day.

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