Nancy Pelosi, Dr Anthony Fauci And Phil Murphy discussed on Michael Wallace and Steve Scott


The first couple silently paid their respects, both wearing masks. The crowd began to shout, vote him out. More booze followed as the president's senior aides approached the casket. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on plans for the next phase of the Ginsburg tribute. Tomorrow we will be gathering Statuary home, which she will be the first woman to lie in state in the Capitol of the United States, actually, Our prayer will be led by Rabbi the first Jewish person to lie in state in the Capitol in Louisville, Kentucky. Ah, a suspect is in custody after two police officers were shot during protests over the grand jury's decision. Not to charge officers in Briana Taylor's death. Interim police chief Robert Schroeder as a reminder the Kirby remains in effect tonight and tomorrow from 9 P.m. to 6:30 A.m.. And we encourage everyone to be lawful and peaceful as they go through their protest activities. Dr Anthony Fauci says he's concerned a lot of people won't trust the safety of a Corona virus vaccine. In an interview with New Jersey governor Phil Murphy, he says it's important they do. I think if we can get 75 to 80% of the population vaccinated, I think that would be a really good accomplishment was governor. Cuomo says the process has become too politicized and New York State will conduct its own review of FDA approved vaccines. One airline has a plan to make sure you don't get infected when you fly. CBS's Chris Van Cleve tested United employees, Eduardo

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