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Hip Bhutan standing deepen in the river and there is something. Special about that I would imagine you have there is a feeling of being. In the moment and in the flow of life of the rivers as a metaphor for flow of life and time passing, and it's never the same water that you're standing in and I think there is something profound rap subliminal about that that has an appeal There is an analytic. A fly fishing I think it has appealed to people the whole idea of trying to determine what the Fisher eating at a given time, and then trying to either look in your fly box and find the the right fly that seems to match the kind of bugs at the trout might eating or I know some friends will bring a fly tying vice in some feathers and hair and hooks to the side of a stream, and if they don't have what the right bug is at the time or the right fly, they will go and tie it. Up on the spot and hope that they're going to make that match matching the hatches, the term that writer named Ernie Schreiber came up with years ago the hatch being the kind of insect that is occurring on the river at that time but just having the arsenal and matching the flame with the others that are being eaten that's probably integral to being successful fly, Fisher and very important, and you'll find some anglers that are you know better equipped than others I've been out with some friends who will have literally five hundred or a thousand flies. I usually have one or two boxes and and hope that what I have. Oh, cover things ninety percent of the time, but there's always ten percent that doesn't work and one blanket work. Great. This morning in another flight would work great in the same hole this afternoon exactly because what happens on many river systems as you will have different sorts of insects emerging coming out of river or settling down upon the river at different times of the day you might have may flies that are. Popping up from the bottom of the river as Nymphs, and then turning into adult bugs and being on the surface in the morning, and that might be a white insect, the size of your Pinky Nail, and then in the afternoon as it gets warmer, the grasshoppers might become active and the wind may be him into the river and they are green and yellow, and they're the size of your thumb. It's sort of a a battle going on what are the it is it's man versus nature. Chris and Taylor has written a dozen best selling books about outdoor adventures in his fifty places series. One of his titles collects the thoughts of Passionate Anglers Y. I, fly fish and their favorite fishing places are covered in fifty more places to fly fish before you die you'll also see Chris's byline and major sport fishing publications. We have links to his books in this week's travel with Rick Steves show details. It's in the radio section at Rick, Steves. Dot Com. You know any outdoor activity out there I think fly-fishing must've had more impact by a certain movie than any other. You just call it a life issues the movie of course, it's a river runs through it and when I think of that, you get the image of casting and what a Bali it isn't middle of nature and the rhythm. The Art of that is that just showing off is that just fun or? How is that? It's so important. I often find people when I'm doing talks or signing books that are very intimidated about getting involved in fly fishing because they think I'm not going to be able to cast it ninety feet like Brad Pitt did or Jason Borger did that was the casting double and I say well, you shouldn't be concerned because most of your trout fishing at least occurs within twenty feet. Or. Maybe thirty feet. What you're saying is it matters, but you don't need to be able to do that in order dry fly fishing not at all and most situations don't require that sort of very long cast being able to throw it. A long way can be helpful in some situations but many situations being able to cast it accurately twenty. Feet is going to help you catch more fish right a lot of the The nuance of it is being able to control what the fly is doing. Once it's in the water if the current catches the fly line or the leader, which is the piece of nylon that detaches the lie to the fly line, it makes it whipped through the water. Unnatural speed and the fish can see that but you can control the line by doing something called, mending, putting the line upstream and Daqing Control. This means the fly goes make make it look like it's floating more naturally little technique. They're. All right. This is travel with Rick Steves. We're talking with Chris Santana. His book is wise I fly fish. And Chris. The book is it shows your love of fly fishing in your passion for this next president but it's essentially a collection of articles and stories from great anglers, passionate anglers, and it's fun to to get their philosophy about it. I mean Lisa Cutter wrote a little piece and she's talking about getting away from the chatter in your mind talks about the lakes of the high. Sierra somebody else had this quote that apparently. is famous among fly fishers. God does not subtract from the allotted span of a man's life with the hours spent in fishing, and then you added I think fly fishing is even better. Those are so fun to get a little insight into this whole culture in the camaraderie of fly fishing. Right? You know people find solace in it for many different reasons I had the chance to speak with Henry Winkler for example, very, very kind man. And he was saying that he felt he had some physical awkwardness when he was younger and didn't fit him with sports and he came to fly fishing a little bit later in life because it gave him a little more confidence in his physicality. You interviewed all of these people and you have a companion book fifty places to fly fish before you die of all these places what are a couple of your favorites that you'd like to share with people might? Be Travelers who go to Iceland and stand under a waterfall or you know go to crater lake or what is some of the most remarkable and memorable fishing opportunities. If you want to incorporate that into your travel planning one place that I've been recently, that is remarkable for how remote it is and and really spoiled is a place called the Pinole river that's on the Kola Peninsula Russia. So that's the little the north westernmost part of Russia above the Arctic Circle. About. Six seven, hundred miles northeast of Helsinki would be a way to think of it and the quarry. There is Atlantic Salmon in many places in the world where alantic Savon used to be prevalent, their numbers have been greatly mitigated if not destroyed by industrialization and development but here's a place that partially because there are no roads partially because there was a lot of Russian. Military. Activity on the Cole Peninsula that part of the world never got any population never got settled. So you get flown in by a big MIA helicopter, which is not quite the luxurious helicopter that you might use Hella skiing drop down in the middle of the Tundra and they've erected this beautiful little village there. It's the way I can describe it their forty permanent structures. And a fleet of boats each day you go out on the river and you're using two handed fly rods, spe rods to cast flies for and the Atlantic Salmon can be anywhere from eight to thirty pounds and when they take the fly, it feels like you've hooked into a freight train and they will clear three or four feet out of the water quite exciting experience. One thing about fly fishing because I've salmon fishing quite a bit and if. So much tackle that gets between you and the fish when you have certain kind of fishing. But when you are fly fishing, there's no better way to be close to the fish in that. In that wonderful struggle, you feel every every shake of the head and every London and I think that again, that's one of the other very primal appeals of of the sport to feel that tug. There's a saying that a here among steelhead anglers lot here in the Pacific. Northwest the tug is the drug and when you're steelhead fishing, you may not hook many fish in the course of a day or even a week. But you wait for that grab the fly and it's like electricity going up your

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