Hillary Clinton has told Biden whatever you do, don't Concede.


Just want to make a comment on When Trump is asked about the peaceful transfer of power. He should point out there's only one administration in my lifetime and possibly history that did not do that. And that is the Obama Biden administration. When they transferred power. They were spying on his campaign. They were sabotaging his national security advisor, exactly why it happened. They were falsifying federal documents for warrants. And then Biden recently had a phone call to you. Crane, saying. Don't worry after he's in office will have a back channel. If that's not a cool if that's not hospital transfer, I don't know what it is. That's an excellent point. And Trump does. You know he makes that point now and then? Just not in the context of answering the question the way you've suggest here? But that would have been that would have been a good answer all you want but peaceful transfer of power about what happened on me. How about the fact that I won? They still have not accepted those words. I woulda rammed it back down this playboy's throat, which is probably something somebody playboys usedto having happened to them. Something rammed down their throat. Uh, Here's Mark Meadows grab audio sound bite number 26. This was moments ago on the Fox News channel. The question he got was from the host yet. Paris Fortner Question. Mitch McConnell tweeted out that an orderly transition of power has been happening since 1972. He was asked about it by reporters, and he said, Read my Tweet. Perhaps not Everybody's happy about how this is unfolding with the president talking about this issue. When we look a peaceful transfer, the White House is prepared for the peaceful transfer. We really have to look at at the American public. It was Hillary Clinton, who told Joe Biden not to concede at all. And that's before a single vote was cast, so we just need to make sure we're clear on that is very true. There you go. There you go. Hillary Clinton has told Biden whatever you do, don't Concede. Whatever you do, don't concede. Translation. We are not going to accept the outcome of the election. If you concede, then you're announcing the outcome it do not do it. We're not gonna have a transfer of power. Or better stated, We are going to have a transfer of power, whether we win the election or not. So you know this. These these these people, um Get away with the double standard. They accuse us. Of things that they

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