Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 first look

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Real quick. How about the watch? The galaxy watched three to super-quick. I totally forgot about this watch I've got one of my wrist unit already it is thinner and lighter than last Gal to watch was two years ago. So not saying much not saying much this is the forty five. Millimeter model. It's still pretty big. I've also got a an active watch active to That's the forty millimeter model, and that's a smaller size and I find that when we're comfortable but if you like big watches You'll like this too because it's still a really big watch. I haven't really spent a ton of time playing with it, but that's their like big pitch is that it is smaller or to be thinner and lighter than before it's also slightly more expensive that kind of an upscale with it since they've got the watch active to line that's taking care of the lower price. So it costs a little bit more, I think this models like four hundred and fifty bucks and it goes up from there. So stay tuned, we'll have a review soon I know that the Galaxy Watch was really popular for Samsung in this one probably will be popular as well but. I love the rotating basil on those but I felt like when I was holding this at the hands on, I look experience that Basil Raises Pretty High above the screen still, and I just wish that they would get that down. It's like a move to minds with that because I totally agree like it's got this like dish to it, and it's kind of a little weird with specially when you're swiping it. But at the same time, if you're like out and about and you knock against something that Basil stops something for smacking your screen and scratching it so like I can totally understand why you would want to have that kind of raised lip in the sense of like a Casio g shock has all that chunky like rubber rounded and super rugby and could smack it with a hammer when smack this with hammer I get why that Basil is raised and I will say this I've been wearing the watch active to for almost a year now. And it has that virtual touch dial around it's like a touch strip that doesn't rotate but it moves when you move your finger on it, and then this is obviously the the actual rotating ring. This is way better. The rotating ring is way superior. So I'm glad that the kept around physical controls beating controls I'm into it.

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