Debate over mail-in voting heats up


Another issue that is rising to the surface. The debate over mail in voting and the president critical of states like Nevada but very supportive of states like Florida and Arizona, which, by the way have Republican governors versus a Democratic governor. That's right Now, Trump has tried to draw a distinction between male voting and absentee voting, and there actually is a difference, according to election efforts in a state like Nevada, they are actually sending a ballad to every voter. It's different in Ah, in a state like Florida or a lot of other states, Republican and Democrat run election administrations where they're not sending every voter of ballot, But they're sending every registered voter an application for a ballot. So an absentee ballot is considered something that you have to ask. For now. A lot of states are Doing this for the first time sending absentee ballot applications to everyone removing the need for an excuse for an absentee ballot right in my state, Virginia and a lot of others in the past, you've had to. Ah, Ah sign affidavit that says, I have to vote absentee because I won't. I won't be here. I'm disabled or there's some reason that I cannot vote in person. States, including Virginia are removing that requirement. Removing things like, you know, notarization and witnessing requirements. To make it easier for people to vote from home. But still shop stopping short of sending everybody has ballot, which some conservative voting experts say that just leaves all these ballots lying around that people may not have wanted and opens the door sees an opportunity for fraud toe happen, and there have been a couple of isolated cases of that. Nevertheless, in almost every way and certainly when it comes to ballot security, the experts said. There really isn't a difference between vote by mail and absentee voting and the distinction that the president's trying to drive mostly based on where his friends are right which states he thinks he thinks you're likely to vote for him in which are likely. To vote against him and again, in spite of his attempts to turn this into a red blue divide. You really do have states of both political leanings across the country dramatically ramping up people's ability to vote from home ability to vote remotely. Not all. There's still some some outliers, and and so that's what a lot of election officials Experts to worry that that there's a lot of room for bad things to happen on. And like everything else that Corona viruses sort of exposed. This is a system that already had a lot of problems right. If the pandemic hadn't happened, you could imagine that you and I would be sitting here talking about foreign election interference allegations of voter fraud. All of these issues surrounding our election infrastructure there were already very serious and then the pandemic comes along and simultaneously exacerbates those issues. But also forces forces action. So we've seen this wholesale transformation in a lot of places of the ways that people are going to vote in in ways that could potentially because ah lot of confusion and a lot of delays. Once the once election rolls around, and one followed to that point, and you write about it in your time magazine piece is the president essentially trying to sow the seeds of doubt regarding the outcome of this election in November. That is the concern of a lot of experts again of both political persuasions that you and this is a drumbeat that Trump has has been ah, keeping up since since before the 2016 election and Ah when he said, You know, I couldn't guarantee that he would accept the result and then, of course, and now, of course, Republicans accused Democrats being the ones who never accepted the result. The legitimacy of the 2016 An election, although, of course Hillary Clinton did concede the day after. But again we have the president over and over, saying this election is going to be rigged. This election is going to be improper. The very existence of people voting by mail, a system that existed in many faiths long before Donald Trump was a candidate for anything but just saying that the existence of that system automatically guarantees This election will be fraud fraudulent on and part of the reason that that's potentially so serious number one because you know, democracy relies upon a certain measure of trust that people Trust in the system. Trust in institutions believe that it's an accurate representation of the popular will, but number two because there's so many unique challenges to this election because there's going to be such an unusual value of people voting by mail. I probably will take a while to count all those votes and you could imagine a situation where you know the early vote count goes for one candidate. That is more votes come in. It's hard to change. That's been very easy for that candidate Seo will somebody's monkeying with the number. Somebody's doing something improper, creating doubt in the minds of their supporters, potentially making their supporters want to take to the streets because they feel that their votes are being taken away from them, And that's very dangerous when it's not warranted when it's when it's nearly No Jen DUP in one's perceived political interests that really endangers the bedrock of our democracy. And so there's a lot of concern that that that people have accurate information that people understand that the vote will take a while to count very well may not know the winner of the presidential or many other close elections on election night, and that's OK. That's not something going wrong. In fact, that's the system functioning as it is supposed to function. We should all just take a deep breath and pay for those votes to get

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