The Hidden Gem That Is Uruguay With Karen Higgs


Hel Lo travel nerds and welcome to the extra packing peanuts travel podcast the show that teaches you how to travel more while spending less I'm your host, Travis Sherry, and joining me today is someone who used to sing sixties covers in the psychedelic rock bar and Costa Rica whose hometown is roughly eight thousand miles from where she now lives and who is the only urguay guidebook. Lives they're carrying Hague's from Guru, Guay Dot Com Karen, thanks for joining me and a huge. Welcome. I was so excited to hear what you're going to take out of my via. Those good with those those. Highlights there. Right I. Love that I mean I think you're probably the only person. I've ever introduced that sung sixties covers in the Psychedelic Rock Barn Costa Rica Wall the only one who's intro involved. I'm sure other guests have done it because who has right? Exactly that's kind of par for the course if you're a traveler I want to start out, could you were talking about one of my favorite countries in the world but somewhere, I've never been so little known fact or maybe not that little known if you used to follow way back in the day. Karen I said that my two favourite countries in the world were Slovenia an Erg Urguay but I had never been to either one I've now been to Slovenia but I haven't been to. Uruguay. So I am very excited to chat with you I'm I'm totally shocked what why Uruguay can I ask my? So I think just when I started traveling, I looked at a map and was like, don't like what I'm taking I was kind of like entire nation is going to be taken back. There you go. I looked at a map and I remember thinking. Like where are the hidden gems? Hidden Gems when they travel and so oh, Brazil Argentina and I remember I and I liked soccer slash football and. Howard now I'm understanding more. Colors, the light blue I like Diego Forlan, and so I just remember thinking that would be a coup country to go because everyone goes to Argentina everyone goes to Brazil. I want to go there and Slovenia same kind of thing this tiny country tucked in amongst kind what you would call like tourist powerhouses of Italy and stuff like that and. Yeah I just so for me, it was like those are the two that I just I thought they use are going to be it and have been something. We haven't made it yet. Then that is a good question well. Yet to give you a little bit of background, my wife and I wanted to come to South America for quite a while. So let's say five six years where we've really been like South America let's go. We've still never touch the continent. One of the reasons was we are not and naturally very cautious people but because we were trying to have kids and Zeke was happening and all that kind of stuff especially down in Brazil we kind of thought well, we can put it off like if we don't have to go and I know Uruguay was not Zico hotbed. But of course, if we go there, we wanted to go to Argentina Brazil. So we kinda just kept putting it off, putting it off, putting it off. And now we're recording during covert times if you're listening in the future hopefully, you're out of it by then. But yeah. Now, of course, as an American can't really go there. So. I would have if you had spoken to me five or six years ago than I would have said to you that you have to come anyway for your entire vacations to Uruguay 'cause there's so much to do and enough of people thinking that it says side from Argentina or Brazil. Okay. So I would have said that immediately and I also would have said to you that you know Zeka. Zero cases here and that Uruguay has great public health policies, and in fact, right now we are kind of like one the stock countries in Latin America regarding the virus

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