Discipleship: Hearing Who We Are with Jeff McDaniel


Jeff, what are you doing your PhD in right now? Right, now it's in communication I am looking at A. Self efficacy in how we can help people change voluntary behaviors towards discipleship. The. The problem is eighty. Five percent of churches in America are either plateaued or declining zero churches in America are multiplying. And there's gotta be a reason why. So CS Lewis said scientists nothing more than I pointed my telescope it in this direction at this time towards this planet, and this is what I saw. So even social science is nothing more than critically looking at what God is doing and how God made us. So I'm taking a seminary degree, an MD, matching it up with a social science. And trying to see what God is doing and how we can better make disciples makes sense makes sense and so we we kinda talked we were talking about last week Kyle, this in a what if and this is something it came up in conversation wasn't even planned that we were saying what if you know God is pushing this cove is a mechanism to get us to relook at how we do quote Unquote Corporate Church gatherings or discipleship, and that's where we thought. Hey. You're the guy that's been doing this. You've been preaching this for years saying We need to get away from this corporate entertainment. You know consumer model in back to. First Century Early Church Christian discipleship so can you talk a little bit about some of the stuff you've been talking about working with where do you see the problems and then you know, what do you see? We can talk a little bit about You know, what are some solutions here?

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