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Welcome to Ati. House. I'm Sean and Ardennes upon some people to help answer your. Questions, and this is a great question. I wonder who has worked at the opera. House for the longest time. Out Sydney Opera, House has been open for more than forty six years. I wonder if anyone's workday at that long. which is still enjoy working somewhere after all that taught. Well, let's go and make today's guest and ask them. Currently employed at the Sydney, Opera House on the building operations branch as. or I paid someone who's running with this question. WHO's worked at the Opera House for the longest time the if he gets paid getting close near forty he. Started here in March nineteen seventy-one as as library. So. You worked longer than the upper house was open because he helped to build it originally started in the drama theatre. Just drilling holes and that was surprisingly because what else drill Many holes. After a year later when they moved over scheduling and the White House, the holes where the Jays get folded into what an amazing feeling it must be the look at the theater now and know that you helped build it. Did you do any other jobs on the construction side I moved to the top of the console? As. A foil watch office because of work of welding up able new frames and there's not as far system so they had to put up. And that assisted me in nineteen, seventy, three to commencing September. For the Upper House I'll stop is the first volume for visit. The? Very Fist Watt. What's it like being? In a portfolio, I'd spend you. So all the horror is coming on. So strain oprah the belly. Or one of us. Special Effects. Candles flesh POPs sniping onstage and as the far off I have to approve it and that was all new to me. They come into the entertainment industry. So when your fun and in a theater you job is to make sure that any candles. Or fires I use safely still while you keeping everyone safe, it must be great to hear over music and see all the plays and dads and operas. Sales backstage ahead candles on the stage. The with the opera and John Sutherland. Was the principle singer and they'll a another singer on near and usually when I'm backstage that really listened to much of the music, just watch the candles and and they're singing away then. This mile sing singing all. Wait listen to this so it went. went the on the the front of the stage they moved around even recognize the singer. So, back to the staging and his. Body. How easy would sing it out of the shine John Sutherland Got Sydney audience said, he'll be in rousing the box office which happened, but I'll will sight. After listening to singing a Chinese views on opera. Fantastic with John, Sutherland and Luchino, have a Rodney in the same show. That make anybody. A fan of opera art paid off. Last question. What is your favorite thing about the Sydney Opera House the? Upper House. Is that everyday something different this here you come to work you don't expect there's a different show there's a live event but it's just the outlook of the place doesn't away you go out saw you see the ocean, you see all the theories going past all the boats and the activity that happens here it's it never changes especially on you walk around the western side of the which is Harvey saw the bill and you say the city of Sydney showing of the water is beautiful. Well they have pay the talker worked to the opera. House for forty nine years, which is longer than the buildings even hyphen for how amazing it must feel to have helped build one of the world's greatest buildings and still be working that day.

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