Indoor Dining Resumes At New Jersey Restaurants


Are celebrating the holiday weekend with a trip down the shore. You'll be allowed to eat indoors at restaurants for the first time since the shutdown, But Governor Murphy has done an about face on one front. Announcing smoking is not allowed inside New Jersey casinos more on that from K Y W's Mike Leonardo. The order that allowed indoor dining at 25% capacity also allowed smoking to resume inside casinos. But at his regular Corona virus briefing governor Murphy said a new executive order will prohibit smoking in in Dorcas. He knows we have looked closely at the science and agree with the experts who have concluded that allowing smoking Is too big a risk to take. Health advocates were concerned that secondhand smoke could spread covered 19 going into Labor Day weekend. The governor also had words of caution for a restaurant owners to follow social distancing rules, he said with indoor dining resuming, he'd like nothing more than to expand capacities, but I cannot. We will not be able to do that, if this weekend or the weeks that follow See a slew of restaurant owners and managers flagrantly violating the rules. Murphy said. The rate of virus transmission has ticked up to just above the key benchmark of one, but he said he sees no need to impose more restrictions right now.

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