New Fitbit Watch Tests Your Temperature And Your Stress Level


The last few months chances are you've had your temperature taken more often than you had in the last few years from the hair salon if you're allowed to go there to the doctor's office, a quick forehead scan is often required before you set foot in the door today more than ever having a fever means you shouldn't be around others. But by the time you actually get to your destination and find out that you're running hot. You've probably been in contact with other people that includes the person holding the thermometer. And if there's one thing we do know about Couva, it's that contact can spread the virus wearable device maker fit bid is trying to cut off such exposure before it happens. The fitbit sense is equipped with sensors that may be able to detect covid nineteen and flu symptoms before you can even feel them the device has a new temperature sensor. It can also you monitor your breathing heart rate changes and blood oxygen levels. FITBIT has been part of ongoing research in Covid nineteen prevention. The devices are already being used to detect symptoms at health organizations like Stanford. Medicine, and in May, the company launched the Fitbit Cove Nineteen study. fitbit users can opt in the devices apt to answer a few questions and share their biometric data goal is to help it build an algorithm to definitively detect covid nineteen before symptoms start and speaking of Covid nineteen fitbit cents is also designed to help you manage stress levels one sensor measures, small electrical changes in your sweat, which can help you monitor your body's response to stress. The FITBIT APP can help you understand your response and then take action maybe a guided meditation or a long walk perhaps. The did sense will ship later this month as far as pricing the device will set you back three, hundred, twenty, five bucks. That's about seventy dollars less than its biggest competitor. The Apple Watch apple still dominates the wearable device market making up more than half of global smartwatch sales. The Apple Watch six is expected to be available for sale later this month. Apple cider predicts that the watch will have improved heart monitoring capabilities. No plans for adding temperature sensors were reported just how effective wearables could be in preventing covid nineteen spread remains to be seen. But as device makers learn more about the virus and its symptoms, they may be able to pinpoint the biometric changes that matter.

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