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Creativity is more than just having talent. It's about making a choice to utilize whatever talent you do have. That's a lot easier to say than do sometimes because self doubt and insecurity can service considerable obstacles. It didn't start that way because as kids we created without such distractions sometimes I think we spend a lifetime trying to unlearn all that stinking thinking. For Brooke Schultz her love of photography is more than just about making memorable portrait's families but helping other photographers to leverage their desire to be creative person. Using her workshop center podcast heartful with Brooke. Celts, she does just that. This was a conversation that very much looked forward to as it provided a special moment of positivity during some very dark times. This is e body and ex and welcome back to the candidate frame. The KENDRA frame thriller Nice to have you Thank you so much for having me a buyer your next. Are you know Marshall is often about more leading a creative lifer leading fruit for photographic line, which is all about just being creative in your your podcast in a lot of what I picked up from you focuses on that as well. So I thought this might be fun time not just the learn about your work but just to have. A conversation about creativity. Let's do that as much as I wanNA learn about you in your work I think. Having a conversation like this, like this is always always good to have someone. Yes. Thank you. In one of the things Dow was kind of interesting was this idea of giving yourself permission to be creative. And having been a man I you know I always taken it from the male perspective because it's the only choice that Hap- But. It's interesting in terms of something that I heard in terms of what of your episodes speaking from a woman's perspective especially, a woman who is. A wife, a mother, and in terms of sometimes the guilt that some women feel who are under the circumstances about making the choice to be creative from the cells in in terms of seeing it as something that selfish. And thought that was really interesting and it's not something that I really have had an opportunity to really discuss specifically of touched on it. I. Think at least a couple of times on your podcast I thought that would be really interesting way of starting in the conversation so. Talk to me about that. Wow well, I'm curious to know. have. You ever experienced that like a guilt feeling for being creative or is it just like I'm creative and I need to kind of work through the creative process but not so much the gill in terms of other aspects of your life most of my guilt is been not doing mea. Not so much that I felt like I was depriving. The. People in my life something as a result of making the choice to be creative. No every you sharing that because I think it's speaks to what women currently experience in a cultural sense that to be a good wife mother or just women in general, you are expected to do it all do it all perfectly and don't let anyone see you sweat dining and Especially to be a quote unquote mother you're expected and it's kind of like this seeing that runs in the background I think of just give yourself entirely to your children and any time that you spend away is somehow. Demerits or like a is taking away something very valuable from them, and so that's been something that I've had to really consciously. Reprogram in my own belief system to believe that the creative impulse is a human impulse and regardless of our roles whether it's a mother grandmother, you don't professional creative person or just someone who enjoys taking pictures or whenever you're creative outlet might be that those impulses are human that any humans in your care whether it's children or otherwise are going to be benefited by that creative impulse in my watching you be creative. Did. You ever feel this before you were a parent or is something that seems they've. Become especially pronounced after every given birth to kids. I think it's definitely more after having kids kids are so needy. ME. Need you all the time and especially as. In my family and many women as a mother, you're the primary caregiver and so you're the one that it falls upon to fill those kids needs all the time and my kids are really little. They're seven, five, four and three months so. You know they they need me a lot and so walking that line and that tension and dance between how much they need me and what I need. Myself is a really interesting one to walk and I think all of us walk that one way or in creativity because we have other obligations besides just you know sitting around getting inspired making creative work you know. So it's attention that everyone can relate to but I think it's especially prevalent in mother had.

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