Microsoft To Buy Bethesda In $7.5 Billion Deal, Acquiring Fallout, The Elder Scrolls


News this morning in video games Microsoft said it will be acquiring xanax media for seven and a half billion dollars in cash. Now, you might not know the name, any Max media I know I certainly didn't but I did know this name but says the soft works Xeni Max Media Owns Bethesda the maker of such gaming franchises as doom, the elder scrolls and fallout and the upcoming space epic star field as ars Technica says, this is an industry changing acquisition quote for context that's three times the. Price Microsoft paid for minecraft maker Mo- Jiang back in two thousand, fourteen merging of course, continued to be multi-platform developer. After it's Microsoft acquisition a decision that led to the site of Microsoft publishing a Mario themed mash up pack for Minecraft Nintendo consoles but minecraft was a relatively unique situation where the acquired game was built around cross platform compatibility among a heavily established fan base Microsoft seems less likely to extend that same multi-platform courtesy to says, does gaming properties in the long term, but nothing has been officially. Announced on that score in the near term, though Bethesda is still working on to console exclusive titles for the past five ghost wire Tokyo and death loop both those games have featured heavily in Sony's console marketing. This year ahead of expected launches in two thousand, twenty one, it is likely too late to change deal structures and platform release plans for those titles which are also coming to the P. C., which means Microsoft, could well, behind two of the PS five biggest console exclusives next year the key point. is where still Bethesda a VP OF PR and Marketing Pete Hines wrote in a blog post announcing the news we're still working on the same games we were yesterday made by the same studios we've worked for years and those games will be published by US and quote being part of Microsoft. Game Studios Makes Bethesda gaming lineup, a defacto part of xbox game pass Microsoft promised years ago that every upcoming first party game would be available on the subscription service quote on the same day they launch and

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