President, President Trump And Senator Romney discussed on Kate Dalley


A Fox to Detroit says he feels the death toll could be 10 times higher without the work of his administration were doing very well with it. We're doing extremely well. Relatively speaking. If I wouldn't have closed down, we would have had we could have had two million deaths right now. 2.5 million. We shouldn't have any Because of what China did during a memorial service for covert 19 victim's House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it's time to put aside politics This was preventable. Not all of it. But much of it And what could be lost in the future is preventable, too. If we embrace science Science instead of politics. Senate Republicans were lining up in support of the vote before Election Day on a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Utah's Mitt Romney, who voted to impeach President Trump earlier this year, says he will vote on the nominee. Press secretary Kayleigh MCENANY. Senator Romney is recognizing what any of us who take a clear eyed look at president of president recognized that the president is on our side here. Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski says she stands by her word that a vote on a new justice can wait. I'm not going to be critical of my Republican

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