To maximize social distancing. The president has helped large rallies


The number of covert deaths in this country topped 200,000 today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This was preventable. Not all of it, but much of it and what could be lost in the future is preventable, too. If we embrace science, she spoke at a memorial at the Washington Monument where 20,000 small flags have been planted honoring victims and their families. CBS NEWS Medical Contributor Dr David Vegas, We're seeing significant cases. Really across the United States. There are hot spots in many cities that continue to pop up and will continue to do so, Really, until we have strong preventive measures, which have spread, which is a vaccine President Trump demanding the U. N. Holds China accountable for the pandemic. He delivered a virtual recorded message to the General Assembly, the Chinese government and the World Health Organization. Which is virtually controlled by China falsely declared that there was no evidence of human to human transmission. It's now all but certain Mr Trump will get his new Supreme Court nominee confirmed in the Senate. Republican Mitt Romney's backing will give the president the majority he needs to do is to proceed with the consideration process and if a nominee actually reaches the floor that I will vote based upon the qualifications of that, Mama me, Mr Trump says he'll announce his choice Saturday. Presidential candidates steaming up the campaign trail a week before their first debate. Correspondent Stephen Portnoy, the president's ramped up travel schedule has him hitting five states this week. He'll make two stops in pen with a rally tonight in Pittsburgh and another Saturday outside Harrisburg. As of this report, Joe Biden was expected to travel to three states trip to North Carolina tomorrow follows events he's already held this week. And Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Most Biden stops or sparsely attended affairs to maximize social distancing. The president has helped large rallies where masks are encouraged. But largely rejected by crowns. According to court papers. The Canadian woman accused of mailing a package with rice, in it to the White House, included a threatening letter telling the president to quote give up and remove your application for this election. Pascal Faria is scheduled to make her first court appearance today in Buffalo, New York

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